The Smallest 45 V / 256 Microsteps Motor Driver Launched

The STSPIN820 is the smallest 45 V motor driver in the world that can achieve a resolution of up to 256 microsteps. Consumers and professionals often gravitate towards smaller products, especially if it’s part of their daily lives. Even if the size of the device itself remains the same, such as a point of sale, or an ATM machine, the IC and motor control inside continue to shrink because smaller dimensions often mean fewer components, simpler designs, better reliability, and more affordable development and production costs.

Hence, to better meet the needs of engineers wrestling with those constraints and considerations, ST focused on a monolithic architecture. In other words, the control logic, the two independent pulse-width modulators (PWM) current controls, and the power stage made of two protected full-bridges, are all on the same die. As a result, it can fit in a minuscule 4 mm x 4 mm package and still have an operating voltage between 7 V and 45 V. This upper limit tells design teams the device can work in systems requiring 10 V, 24 V, or even 36 V, since the motor driver will still have enough headroom to account for the usual variations that may occur at the power supply. Thus, a 45 V rating implies compatibility with a vast range embedded systems.

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