This Market For PCB is your Complete PCB Solutions Destination

PCB POWER, a reliable supplier of Printed Circuit Boards for 20 years, is pleased to announce many new services to meet ever demanding expectations from customers.

Mr. Khushal Panchal, VP informs that the new portal PCB POWER MARKET is a whole new experience for its customers.

PCB POWER MARKET offers it customers from PCB Layout Service, Components to PCB further to PCB Assembly. A Customer can use our innovative cart system and have a seamless buying experience. Mr. Panchal further adds that PCB POWER MARKET is poised to be a total solution provider to Research and Development Engineers, Students, Hobbyists, Electronics Professionals, and Startups. We are also pleased to inform that we have started a brand new state of the art fully automatic PCB Assembly Plant with X-ray and global quality standards.

PCB POWER MARKET is offering 20 years of excellence to its customers, worldwide.  For further details, please visit

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