Small and Powerful RS485 Transceiver, It’s all about flexibility and robustness

    The STR485 is a small and powerful RS485 transceiver with a dual data rate and compatibility with 1.8 V power supplies to significantly simplify designs. It also includes many fail-safe features to protect data from interferences and increase the safety of the entire system. No matter how smart a factory or an industrial complex is, the smallest components can cause massive delays and serious malfunctions, bringing the whole structure down. For instance, the RS485 communication standard is a critical system in an industrial setting because companies use it for controlling motors, development, debugging operations, or merely interconnecting a large number of machines to ensure they communicate with one another. It’s easy to see why choosing the right transceiver is crucial and that despite its deceptively small package, it can be the root cause of hugely crippling and expensive issues.

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