SkyHopper holistic solution, for commercial and industrial drones celebrates 1 year

    Mobilicom Ltd., a global mission-critical-communications solution provider, announces that its SkyHopper entity has now completed its first year of activity since it was launched on August 2017. SkyHopper is a holistic solution for commercial and industrial drones and robotics. By offering end-to-end hardware and software solutions, integration services and hands-on support, SkyHopper by Mobilicom enables drone manufacturers to focus on their core business and enjoy peace of mind when it comes to the development of their drones. In its first year of activity, the SkyHopper solution was sold to, and successfully operated by, customers in 14 different countries, and integrated with 45 drone manufacturers.

    The SkyHopper family of products consists of 4 types of solutions at the moment, communication data links (SkyHopper PRO, SkyHopper ONE), video processing & analytics (SkyHopper PRO V), content consumption systems (SkyHopper VU) and controlling systems (SkyHopper ControlAir). By employing leading wireless technologies, SkyHopper delivers long-range communication that supports multiple transmission modes and enables real-time full HD Video Streaming. With its proprietary encryption mechanism, lightweight and built-in flexibility to optimize to customer needs, SkyHopper is ideal for mining and process industry, security and surveillance, infrastructure inspection and delivery applications.

    Mobilicom’s CEO, Oren Elkayam, stated: “I am proud to say that SkyHopper has exceeded its aggressive first-year goals plan, and evolved from concept to business success in only one year. As part of its holistic solution, SkyHopper addresses more than 50% of the drone’s overall hardware value in targeted markets, allowing drone and UAV manufacturers focus on their core business, while knowing that all the development processes are taken care of. With 3 global certifications and a variety of customers worldwide, I am confident that SkyHopper will continue to bring value to our current customers as well as to new customers in the coming years”.

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