Shop at Mouser: Microchip’s 16-Bit PIC24F Curiosity Dev Board for Robotics, IoT

Mouser Electronics, Inc., is now shipping the PIC24F Curiosity Development Board from Microchip Technology. The PIC24F Curiosity Development Board is a cost-effective, fully integrated 16-bit development platform for first-time users, designers, and those requiring a feature-rich rapid prototyping board. The PIC24F Curiosity Development Board includes an integrated programmer/debugger and requires no additional hardware to get started.

The Microchip Technology PIC24F Curiosity Development Board, available from Mouser Electronics, is an ideal platform for harnessing the power of 16-bit eXtreme Low Power (XLP) PIC24F microcontrollers. The onboard PIC24FJ128GA microcontroller offers an integrated cryptographic engine, ISO 7816 support, and I2S support. The board’s layout and external connections offer unparalleled access to the Core Independent Peripherals (CIPs), which enable developers to integrate various system functions onto a single microcontroller, simplifying the design and keeping system power consumption and BOM costs low. To simplify programming, the board supports Microchip’s MPLAB X integrated development environment (IDE), MPLAB Xpress cloud-based IDE, XC16 compiler, and MPLAB Code Configurator.

The PIC24F Curiosity Development Board comes with several options for the user interface including physical switches, LEDs, and an onboard potentiometer. Users can expand functionality through MikroElectronika mikroBUS click boards, and can add Bluetooth low energy communication with the Microchip BM71 module. Out of the box or with expansion boards, the PIC24F Curiosity Development Board provides the freedom to develop for a variety of applications, including Internet of Things (IoT), peripheral testing, robotics development, and proof-of-concept designs.

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