Secutech Vietnam 2018 to be held at the Saigon Exhibition & Convention Center from 16th to 18th August

Matrix will be exhibiting its enterprise grade Video Surveillance, Time-Attendance and Access Control solutions at the Secutech Vietnam 2018.

Matrix will take this opportunity to unveil the recently launched Extreme series of Network Video Recorder (NVRX) at the event. Equipped with 4K Decoding Capacity and intelligent software, the NVRX gives high resolution video streams and sends instant notifications for real-time security. It is also backed with characteristics like Cascading (up to 20 NVRs), Camera-wise Recording Retention and Database Level Integration for proactive security. Additionally, wide range of IP Cameras equipped with Intelligent Video Analytics (IVAs) would also be exhibited.

From the Access Control and Time-Attendance domains, multispectral fingerprint device would be showcased. This device reads surface as well as sub-surface of a finger, giving a clear image of the fingerprint. Importantly, the device is capable of identifying the fingerprint credentials even if the user has dry, oily, or dirty fingers. The device can also read the fingerprint in case of poor ridge image availability or under environmental challenges. Equipped with high-end features, this device offers robust and reliable biometric information of a user. Additionally, other enterprise grade Time-Attendance and Access Control solutions would be portrayed at the event.

“We look forward to meeting system integrators and other business associates who can help us expand our business footprints. We aim at using the event as a platform for hosting numerous meetings in the future and get a clear idea of present market needs”, commented Ganesh Jivani, Managing Director.


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