Sasken Showcased 5G, Cellular V2X, and Computer Vision & Machine Learning-based Automotive Solutions at Mobile World Congress 2018

Sasken Technologies Ltd., recently participated in Mobile World Congress 2018 held from February 26 to March 1, 2018, in Barcelona, Spain. At the event, Sasken showcased its expertise in the areas of 5G, Cellular V2X, and Computer Vision & Machine Learning-based Automotive Solutions.

At Mobile World Congress 2018, Sasken displayed its solutions for the autonomous car such as a mobile application for Driver Alertness Detection/Warning, Object Detection, Lane Detection and Warning and Auto Tagging solution. Sasken also showcased a solution for V2V breakdown which shows how a vehicle is warned (using V2V) about a collision or accident in front of it. This help the vehicle take corrective action such as changing the route, slowing down, etc.

Speaking about Sasken’s participation in the event, Hari Haran, President, Global Sales, Marketing, and Business Lines, Sasken, said, ‘’We were delighted to be part of this year’s Mobile World Congress, as it provided a fantastic opportunity for Sasken to highlight its expertise globally. Sasken is enabling its clients to lead into the future by leveraging our deep domain expertise, cutting edge competencies, and unique value propositions. A significant percentage of our customers have been engaged with us for over two decades. This is testimony to our stellar track record of delivering quality and value to our customers. MWC 2018 was a great kick-start to the year as it served as a key platform for industry leaders to witness the latest technology advancements that will drive tomorrow’s future.”

Today, Sasken is enabling over 100 customers worldwide to build their flagship products. These include end-to-end development of LTE-based satellite terminals and solutions for the Connected and Autonomous car (V2X, ADAS and infotainment). Sasken is enabling its industrial customers to develop next-gen products for their smart factories. Sasken is also investing in accelerating 5G deployment that will make V2X connectivity, digitizing factory floor, and automated driving possible.

For close to three decades, Sasken has been serving some of the world’s leading semiconductor companies, automotive tier-1s/OEMs, smart device and rugged device OEMs, and satellite service providers in building world-class products. Sasken is working with leaders in the IoT ecosystem to enable cognitive technologies and data-driven solutions for a better tomorrow.

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