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    R&S Spectrum Rider FPH Handheld Spectrum Analyser-Quality you expect at an unexpected Price

    R&S Spectrum Rider is the new Handheld Spectrum Analyser which has modern and intuitive look and feel. Having state of art design and implementing latest design methodology, the Spectrum Rider has better RF performance coupled with comprehensive features and benefits to address the needs of various market segments.

    FPH – Small form factor to handle big tasks

    Weighing only 2.5 kg and in a small form factor, convenience to bring it to anywhere and to use it for longer hours.
    Weight: 2.5kg Dimension: 202 mm x 294 mm x76 mm





    User-definable pass/fail limit
    2For fast evaluation, user can pre-define a upper and lower limit lines to define pass/fail of the measurement. It also provide audile warning should the signal goes beyond the upper limit or falls below the lower limit.



    Frequency extendable
    With most of the spectrum analyzer having fixed frequency range, for R&S® Spectrum Rider has a different concept. The frequency extension can be flexibly upgraded on the same instrument as and when needed, user is only paying what is required. There is also no need to change or have another instrument when frequency is extended from 5 kHz to 4 GHz. The frequency upgrade concept make it a future-ready investment instrument.


    3No calibration of option upgrade
    To support different measurements, there are options available to fit your needs. All options can be easily added via key-codes without sending the instrument back to the service-centre-Calibration and alignment are also not required. Adding options on R&S-Spectrum Rider is a simple, time and cost-saving approach.





    4Backlit keypad for the dark
    R&S® Spectrum Rider has built-in illuminated keypad. The brightness and illumination time is adjustable. Operation in the dark is no longer an issue for field engineer.




    5Ruggedness Design
    R&S® Spectrum Rider is designed with IP51 protection class. It protect against dust and water drops. The ruggedness design makes it much more durable to handle harsh environment. The instrument is also comply with MILPRF-28800F class 2-shock test.

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