RECOM Evaluation Board Extends Lifetime of Sensible Module

RECOM has released a breakout board to connect SensiEDGE’s SensiBLE v1.0 sensor module to RECOM’s R-78S evaluation board. This technology enables the SensiBLE to draw a stable 3.3V from an AA battery down to voltages as low as 0.65V. Engineers can, therefore, replace the coin-cell battery with a higher-capacity single-cell AA battery and significantly increase operation lifetime on a single battery.

RECOM’s breakout board SBL-1 for the R-78S Evaluation Board enables engineers to consider an alternate power source for the SensiBLE sensor module whose input voltage from a coin cell quickly drops below 2V after only a few hours of use. As a result of this, the transmission unit may be prevented from operating properly and leaves the energy from the coin cell battery wasted. This can be avoided by incorporating the functionality of the R-78S which boosts a single-cell AA battery voltage of 1.5V up to a stable 3.3V – demonstrated by the R-78S Evaluation Board. Test points for measuring voltages and currents make it possible to effortlessly calculate the typical battery life for the SensiBLE in both active and standby modes.

By considering this solution, the engineer can now replace the SensiBLE’s coin-cell battery with a higher-capacity single-cell AA battery. Getting rid of the coin cell guarantees a much longer application lifetime and at the same time reduces maintenance costs. There is also an option to use external input voltage from other low voltage sources such as energy harvesting devices which are typical in remote applications.

The R-78S Evaluation board and the corresponding breakout board are available at all authorized RECOM distributors. 

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