Realizing the vision of a Trillion US$ digital economy: Bhupinder Singh, CEO- Messe Muenchen India

    • Realizing the vision of a trillion US$ digital economy.
    • Incentivizing PCB manufacturing for the growth of the electronics industry and emerging technologies.
    • Big buyers: Honda, Bosch, Boeing, Minda, L&T, among others actively participating in the show.
    • Automotive electronics: Smart electronics for smart mobility – focus on next generation technologies

    electronica India and productronica India are leading trade fairs for the Indian ESDM industry. The show is thriving on the latest products and technology in the field of electronics along with ever growing footfall from all across India. In a candid interview with ELE Times, Mr. Bhupinder Singh, CEO of Messe Muenchen India discusses as to what is new at the exposition and conferences during the show. Excerpts from the interview

    electronica India and productronica India have gained quite a lot of prominence in the EDSM industry? How do you keep up with the changing market trends?  

    Bhupinder Singh: In the past five years, electronica India and productronica India have seen steadfast growth. A major contributing factor has been the trust; the industry has placed in us. From key players, leading companies, association partners to the visitors, they have in some way or the other been responsible for the success of the trade fairs. We also keep our ears close to the ground and minutely study the market. Understanding the need of the hour, keeping up with the latest innovations helps us to put up a show that showcases the best in the industry.

    To cater to the growing market, electronica India and productronica India are organized in Bengaluru and Delhi alternatively. Both, Bengaluru and Delhi editions have witnessed incredible upsurge in terms of participants and visitor count.  The 2019 edition of the trade fairs has grown by around 50% as compared to the previous edition held in Delhi in terms of the exhibition space. To accommodate the influx of visitors and exhibitors, we have moved the trade fairs to state-of-the-art exhibition facilities of India Expo Mart.

    We have partnered with leading association – Electronics Industries Association of India (ELCINA) and Indian Printed Circuit Association (IPCA) to jointly organize various supporting programs that address the challenges faced by the industry.

    What should we look out for in the upcoming edition of the trade fairs?

    Bhupinder Singh: 18 global companies are participating in the 20th edition of the trade fairs. With electronica India showcasing an extensive range of electronic components – from technologies and components to specific application fields and productronica India showcasing the latest electronic production technologies, you can witness world-class innovations and systems on one platform. Industries dealing in various segments such as consumer electronics, automotive electronics, mobile, defense, aerospace, IT, LED and lighting, industrial electronics, medical electronics among others, will get an opportunity to get acquainted with the best of the technologies in the world.

    The three-day event will give a stage to demonstrate the technological capabilities of smart factory solutions, IoT modules, power devices for electric cars, technologies for connected cars, material logistic solutions, imaging solutions, sensing devices, EDA, testing equipment and many more.

    You have a long standing association with ELCINA. Please share some details about the partnership.

    Bhupinder Singh: ELCINA and Messe Muenchen India joined forces four years back at a strategic level to support the ESDM eco-system. They are our partner association and we work very closely with them to organize various supporting programs for the benefit of the industry, such as:

    How does your association with IPCA benefit the PCB market in India?

    Bhupinder Singh: The Indian PCB market size amounts to US$ 1.85 million and is estimated to grow in the coming years. To bring the entire PCB eco-system on one stage we joined forces with IPCA in 2018 to jointly organize and co-locate IPCA Expo with the twin trade fairs, which is supported by ELCINA. The 12th edition of IPCA Expo has received an overwhelming response, considering last year’s successful edition.The global associations from across the world representing the World Electronic Circuits Council (WECC), of which IPCA and ELCINA are a part of, will lend their support and cooperation to international members to venture in the Indian EDSM market.

    What is the agenda behind e-Automotive conference?

    Bhupinder Singh: India is home to some of the biggest auto manufacturers and the growth rate of the automotive industry has been inspiring in more ways than one. With our trade fairs and conferences, we are consistently supporting the automotive manufacturing eco-system. At e-Automotive we have pioneers, decision makers and industry experts giving key insights on the latest developments in the sector. The 3rd edition of the conference will focus on the thriving EV sector. With “Smart electronics for smart mobility” as the theme, we highlight and focus on next generation technologies in automotive electronics sector.

    Do you have any future plans to represent the emerging technologies in India?

    Bhupinder Singh: We organize some of the leading technology oriented trade fairs in India and to expand our presence in this domain, we have acquired SmartCards Expo along with its co-located shows IoT India Expo, e-Security Expo, RFid India Expo, Biometrics India Expo, e-Payments Expo and Mobile Payments India.These trade fairs represent the identification, authentication and digital payment technologies and are the only trade fairs of their kind in India. This year, these trade fairs will be co-located with electronica India and productronica India to enhance the value proposition for the industry.

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