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    Radware records a growth of 15%, lists Priorities to Fast Track Growth in 2017

    Radware on 27th February 2017 shared that it has recorded a 15% growth rate in 2016, riding through some serious sluggish market conditions in the country. The company further added that business from the Banking and Finance sector (BFSI) grew by 104% YoY, their biggest customer being SBI. Government business grew by 29% and the GSI (global system integrator) business also saw an upward growth of over 400%.

    “Our key clientele across finance and government sectors trusted us despite competition. Our services for 24X7 setups like banks, the ability of our products and solid sales and technical team of experts helped us during the year to enjoy a great partnership with clients and channel partners like IBM, Wipro, Tech Mahindra etc. Our partner, RAH Infotech having capabilities to address onsite needs of our clients, has contributed significantly to our top line” Shared Nikhil Taneja MD-India & SAARC, Radware.

    Talking about the cyber security market, Nikhil said “we grew our security business by

    Nikhil Taneja
    MD-India & SAARC, Radware

    30%, riding on DDoS success (which reflects on response DDoS solutions received from market). Last year India saw lot of cyber attacks and Radware being the world leader in DDoS is well equipped to address challenges faced by customers in the coming times.”

    “Going forward, to retain our number one position in the country, the company will focus more on the telecom sector while increasing investments in the same. We will also be aggressively pursuing business from other SAARC countries. Of late, this regional bloc has been attracting numerous players in the consumer and endpoint protection platform (EPP) categories. While these efforts will help Radware open avenues for growth in market and revenue, the company will continue to ramp up resources to ensure its consolidation of government and BFSI sectors in India,” shared Nikhil.

    With regards to the channel partner ecosystem in the country, Nikhil said “We are firm believers in having a very strong channel ecosystem and we want to be a knowledge sharing partner to them. Every quarter we train 30 to 40 partner engineers in the latest technologies and solutions that they can take to their customers. We are focused on engaging with partners from all tiers in 2017.”

    The evangelization drive for security

    The company is also looking at catering to the increasing cloud services in the country. With its cloud DDoS and cloud WAF solutions, it seeks to enter into new segments but the target continues to be large enterprises.

    “When we first entered India with our revolutionary security technology, Radware took to the evangelization path: educating, training and initiating discussions with end users to embrace its solutions. It realized that taking proactive programs to educate the market was the only way to succeed and build lasting relationships. It is a simple yet unique strategy that has helped us till date,” said Nikhil.

    Scrubbing Centres

    Towards ramping up our security offerings, Radware is planning to launch local scrubbing centers for large enterprises. These scrubbing centers will act as centralized data cleansing station to analyse and remove malicious traffic. When under attack, the traffic will be redirected to the scrubbing center where an attack mitigation system will mitigate attack traffic and pass clean traffic back to the network for delivery.

    Talking about the recently announced government’s CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team) plan, Nikhil shared “I think it’s a positive move with regards to data protection and threat mitigation. We are already working closely with govt. agencies like NIC, CET-In, ERNET who are responsible for making the policies in this area. We are involved in technology sharing and understanding with these agencies and work with them regularly to update on threats happening globally and share our expertise to enable them with policy making.

    Radware foresees four major trends in 2017, they being Ransom DDoS attacks, Enterprise Apps moving to Cloud, Major Refresh of Security tools, Network Function Virtualization. Talking on this Nikhil said “Radware has developed a holistic strategy to enable carriers, large enterprises and e-commerce networks to become smarter, more programmable, flexible and cost-effective to be able to address and mitigate such threats in the future.”

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