Quantum and Milestone Deliver Enhanced Archive Capabilities for Modern Surveillance Environments

Bangalore, April 5, 2016, Quantum Corp. announced that storage solutions combining Quantum’s StorNext 5 tiered storage platform with Milestone’s XProtectIP video management software (VMS) offer additional long-term data retention options as a seamless part of the video surveillance infrastructure. The file-based plug-in developed by Milestone’s Custom Development team provides a cost-effective storage option to overcome storage challenges posed by migrating from analog to digital network cameras and by increasing IP camera resolutions. This also helps to extend the utility of surveillance video beyond security applications.

 Turning Storage From an Inhibitor to an Enabler of More Sophisticated Surveillance

Outdated approaches to storing video surveillance data often rely on costly primary disk, which limits the retention time most organizations can afford. As a result, many implementations may retain data for as little as 30 days, and they subsequently miss the opportunity to leverage their valuable data assets effectively with today’s advanced analytical tools. Integrating Quantum’s StorNext 5 policy-based data management system with Milestone XProtect VMS results in a system which provides transparent access and long-term retention of video surveillance assets without depending on costly primary storage for infrequently accessed data. The combination results in a more cost-effective approach to keeping surveillance data archived and available for use with new analysis tools.

 Reinier Tuinzing, Strategic Alliances Manager, Milestone Systems said that, “With rising demand for higher resolution IP video cameras and increasing amounts of metadata associated with the video, security centers are striving to improve their IT infrastructure storage capabilities. The StorNext plug-in provides the option for storing video data to cost-effective storage like tape or cloud, providing customers increased flexibility in low-cost storage alternatives.”

 Efficient Access and Expansion for Surveillance Data Storage

As video surveillance data is ingested, XProtect writes it to Quantum’s storage platform. Data is ingested to the primary tier of storage, and a copy of the data is written to a lower-cost secondary tier — including high-capacity disk, file-based tape, object storage and cloud — providing both immediate data protection and long-term retention. As the data ages, the files in the primary storage tier expire but are retained in the secondary tier — on-premise or off-premise — greatly reducing the impact of moving an additional day’s worth of surveillance data.

 Wayne Arvidson, Vice President, Surveillance and Security Solutions, Quantum stated that, “As video surveillance technologies grow more sophisticated, customers need to know that their VMS and storage systems won’t keep them from realizing their full potential, particularly as advanced analytic tools are opening up new options for utilizing retained data. In Milestone, Quantum has a partner that shares our commitment to advancing technology to meet the rapidly evolving needs of our customers.”

 The StorNext policy engine can be configured to optimize the balance between access speed in the primary tier and retention economy in the secondary storage tiers. With StorNext, XProtect can efficiently access data that has been retained on secondary storage platforms. In addition, because StorNext virtualizes the secondary tier, the tier can evolve as business needs change, and archived data can be easily accessed as on the primary tier. This tiered approach eliminates the need to groom or alter video in preparation for long-term archiving.

 Combining the StorNext file system and XProtect provides direct access to stored data without requiring a third-party program. This approach allows XProtect to utilize more cost-effective storage technologies and enables the system to easily expand with increased bandwidth, primary storage or secondary tier capacity. If a security system is augmented with new high-resolution cameras, for example, bandwidth and capacity can be seamlessly added to the primary tier of storage.

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