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    Quantum and Growing Partner Ecosystem Address the Storage Challenges Presented by Modern Surveillance Infrastructures


    Multi-Tier Storage Solutions Provide Next-Generation Platform Enabling Longer Retention Times and More Refined Analytics

    Quantum Corp. on March 11, 2016, highlighted joint development initiatives with video management system (VMS) leaders 3VR, Genetec Inc. and Milestone Systems — as well as HauteSpot Networks, a leading provider of solutions for IP video — to optimize tiered storage architectures for their customers. As members of the Quantum Advantage Program for technology partners, these companies have certified interoperability with Quantum offerings, including StorNext 5 data management and Quantum disk products. Quantum’s growing partner ecosystem illustrates how storage is increasingly viewed as a foundational element of a surveillance and security strategy.

    How Quantum’s Unique Tiered Storage Serves as the Basis of a Surveillance Strategy

    The Quantum video surveillance storage solution is an intelligent, scalable storage platform that provides a simple-to-manage foundation which can grow under a single file system, designed specifically for video applications. The tiered storage infrastructure allows capacity to be added to meet demand and digital assets to be moved automatically to the most cost-effective medium, including primary storage, extended online storage, the cloud, or tape. This approach allows customers to retain content for search and retrieval at a more affordable price compared to traditional IT-centric options, and keep content available for longer periods.

    Joint development efforts have enabled VMS and camera providers to create video surveillance infrastructures that are optimized for Quantum’s intelligent, scalable storage platform. Quantum’s tiered approach to storage provides both performance and capacity, so customers can spend less on storage and more of their budget on cameras and analytics, expanding the reach and effectiveness of their video surveillance initiative.

    The Quantum Advantage Program for Partners

    The Quantum Advantage Program enables partners to test and qualify their technology with Quantum offerings, ensuring that they provide integrated, best-in-class solutions for the most demanding customer environments. Technology partners such as 3VR, Genetec Inc., HauteSpot Networks and Milestone Systems seeking to expand their offerings in video surveillance and other disciplines can fast-track time to market for their joint solutions with technical and marketing support from Quantum. These partners can also tap cooperative engineering programs that enable them to optimize solutions for their customers. Philippe Ouimette, Director of Strategic Alliances, Genetec Inc. said that  “Quantum’s storage solutions bring a unique approach to the surveillance and security market, enabling our customers to rethink the limits of their surveillance architectures. When Genetec undertook certification of Quantum’s solutions and joined the Quantum Advantage Program, our engineers collaborated to optimize StorNext File System to more effectively and efficiently manage video content to and from Genetec Security Center, our flagship IP-based, open-architecture, unified security platform. This level of commitment to a productive partnership enables us to deliver solutions that keep people and property safer.”

    An Industry in Transformation

    Security and law enforcement professionals are facing storage challenges created by more cameras, higher resolutions and increasingly complex analytics. Traditional single-tier approaches to storage can no longer meet these demands economically and are inherently limiting. By teaming with video surveillance experts to break these constraints, Quantum is able to offer multi-tier storage solutions that expand the window of analysis for surveillance and enable greater levels of data retention for customers. Large video surveillance customers with rigorous storage demands that have recently turned to Quantum and its partners include a large government agency, a major metropolitan shopping mall, a large city public transportation organization and a state-of-the-art data center.

    Wayne Arvidson, Vice President, Surveillance and Security Solutions, Quantum stated that, “With our deep heritage of solutions developed for managing video-based data, Quantum brings a unique expertise to the surveillance and security marketplace. As a result, our partners are increasingly seeing the value of optimizing their surveillance offerings by leveraging Quantum technology to enable customers to deliver on their mission of protecting people and property, as well as extract business value from video-based data.”

     Photo Caption: Wayne Arvidson, Vice President, Surveillance and Security Solutions, Quantum

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