preLink: New termination block for PROFINET application

Wire assignment is clear / Assembly is quick and easy

preLink delivers integrated Ethernet connection technology from IT to production. Special versions of the preLink termination block – the core element of this quick and easy way of extending networks – are now available for PROFINET.

Delivering even more flexibility and simplification for preLink connection technology, the preLink  termination block is now available as a new black PROFINET version. It is suitable for AWG 22/23 gauge stranded wire and comes with printed standardised wire assignment for PROFINET and industrial Ethernet. Wire assignment is clear, meaning assembly is quick and easy.

With its preLink connection technology, HARTING has successfully managed to separate a previously fixed connection between cable and connector into two independent and re-usable components. The preLink termination block is fitted with an inlet for 4- or 8-wire Ethernet cable, which can be securely assembled out in the field in a single stage with the appropriate preLink tool. The termination block fits the related RJ45 and M12 jacks and connectors. The benefit of this system is that the termination block can be removed and inserted in another connector in seconds over and over again, meaning that cables and connectors can be switched independently of each other.

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