Powering the Path to the use of Conformal Coatings within EV and Automotive Electronics

    Saskia Hogen, Electrolube

    A huge area where protection of electronics is becoming more and more important is the automotive industry with ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) and EV’s – most specifically in connection with their range. In this month’s blog, we are going to apply and understand how conformal coatings can make a difference to electric and hybrid vehicles. There are also additional automotive applications, fuelling a vast increase in the demand for coatings.

    Advise on some of the typical applications for coatings within the automotive industry?

    Ultimately, a conformal coating’s presence is almost limitless. Wherever there’s an electronic circuit board that requires lightweight protection, a conformal coating can be the ideal solution. An example of a coating application within the automotive sector can be sensors, used in ADAS and other supporting applications. This could be an ADAS control unit, PCB or powertrain applications such as the  battery management system PCB; charger PCB; inverter; AC/DC converter, and  transmission switches, to name but a few. There is also a requirement for coatings to protect electronics within the vehicle infotainment system, external and interior lighting, climate control systems, and other electronic controls. There exists a practically endless list of applications within a vehicle.

    Working to future-proof the conformal coatings process within EV and automotive applications, MacDermid Alpha has taken some bold moves. Their bio-based coatings perform incredibly well, and contain a higher content of raw materials derived from sustainable sources. The coatings are lighter weight and meet the sustainability requirements of both manufacturers and end users.  The bio-based coatings show improved condensation resistance, thermal stability, flexibility and adhesion than many petrochemical derived polymers.

    If we move away from the vehicle itself, to the charging infrastructure, we are faced with charging stations that are exposed to a vast range of climatic conditions;   heat, cold, humidity and corrosive environments, especially near coastlines. Specifically, if we look at the demand for a reliable network of charging points enabling EV drivers to charge their vehicles, we must include the electronics within the charging point in the list of applications for conformal coatings.

    Conformal coatings are all around us. They have a discreet but intensely purposeful reason for being, as they offer powerful protection for electronic circuitry against harsh environments and help to extend the reliability and lifetime of devices. We can find conformal coatings in household appliances, white goods and other electronics, in and around our homes, as well as in our workspaces; in manufacturing and other industrial applications. Alongside the surge in connectivity adoption, via IoT, smart cities and smart infrastructure networks, the need to protect electronics in different devices, is becoming more and more important. There is increasing dependability on devices, and consequently, both cyber security, and physical protection of the electronics are escalating in significance. This is a prime example of the key difference that coatings can make.

    In addition to being a truly innovative conformal coating solution providers, MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions, is fully committed to keeping customers one step ahead of competitors through first-class product, and technical support. The company and its brands, such as Electrolube, talk solutions each and every day.

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