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At the seminar, ROHM demonstrated a number of automotive electronics featuring a high degree of technology, sophistication and elegance. ROHM offers a variety of car audio ICs and discrete solutions and is expanding its product lineup to meet the needs of new and emerging applications in the automotive industry, including for car navigation and multimedia systems

ROHM recently demonstrated the prowess of Technology in power management – Automotive and industrial solutions during the Product Innovation Seminar at Nikkei-BP Asia Monozukuri Conference held on March 15, 2016 in Chennai, India.

ROHM doesn’t make and sell components but is concerned with the type of solution possible for the customer. This enables ROHM to refine existing technologies. Though ROHM’s products are not seen at the first glance however they are involved in the development and manufacture of a whole host of electronic products, from standard parts to the most advanced components utilizing cutting-edge, original technologies, making ROHM the unseen force behind many consumer electronics devices. ROHM, established in Kyoto in 1958 started as manufacturer of small electronic components and subsequently expanded to transistors, diodes, ICs and other semiconductor products were added to the lineup.

Vijay Bolloju, Design Centre Manager India, ROHM, speaking at the seminar on ‘ROHM Semiconductor Vision for India’ candidly exhorts, “As the global demand of energy is increasing rapidly, our goal is to accelerate the work on the energy efficiency semiconductor devices. Rohm Energy Team is instrumental in providing expertise in energy efficiency to the facilities. Be it a compact, high-efficiency, high power synchronous boost DC/DC converter IC or the PMICs that optimize for low power and enable fanless designs of space-conscious mobile PC products such as Ultrabooks, 2-in-1 detachables, and tablets built around Intel’s 14nm Skylake processor”. Speaking on the Make in India initiative he stated that, “ROHM has setup design centre in Bangalore, India that will help design for automotive and automobile sector”.

Automotive Electronics
At the seminar ROHM demonstrated a number of automotive electronics featuring a high degree of technology, sophistication and elegance. ROHM offers a variety of car audio ICs and discrete solutions and is expanding its product lineup to meet the needs of new and emerging applications in the automotive industry, including for car navigation and multimedia systems. In addition, following the increased digitization of vehicles and ITS, ROHM is developing ICs and discretes for body and power train systems. And as vehicles become increasingly safe, comfortable, and more efficient ROHM continues to bring new products and devices to market.

Buck and Boost Switching Regulator Controller
power-on-with-rohm-1The BD9035AEFV-C is a buck-boost switching controller with a high withstand voltage and a wide input range (VIN=3.8~30V) capable of generating buck-boost output with one inductor. The IC has a ±7% high accuracy switching frequency for the entire operating temperature range (Ta=-40°C~+125°C). Because of the automatically controlled buck-boost system the BD9035AEFV-C also has a higher efficiency compared to regular switching regulators employing Sepic or H-bridge systems.


  • Power supply voltage: 40V (maximum rating)
  • Automatically controlled buck-boost system.
  • ±7% High accuracy switching frequency (Ta=-40°C~+125°C).
  • PLL circuit for external synchronization: 100kHz~600kHz
  • Two-stage overcurrent protection through one external resistor.
  • Various protection functions
  • Undervoltage, overvoltage output detection circuit & constant output monitor pin (PGOOD) AEC-Q100 Qualified

High Voltage High Accuracy LED Source Drivers
BD8374HFP-M is a LED source driver with the capability of withstanding high input voltage (50V Max.). The fixed current output is possible by PWM brightness, and it is suitable for automotive LED drive. It is built into LED open/short protection and overheating protection at over voltage, and high reliability can be achieved. When driving two or more LED by using two or more LSI, it can be done to control LED all together turning off even if LED causes short/open in a certain row.


  • AEC-Q100 Qualified
  • Variable form Constant-Current Source Driver
  • PWM Dimming Function
  • CR Timer for PWM Dimming Function Integrated
  • LED Open/Short Protective Circuit Function Integrated
  • Overvoltage Mute and Temperature Protection Functions Integrated
  • Abnormal Output Detection and Output Functions (PBUS)

PMICs for Intel Atom Processor E3800 Family
Power Management IC For Bay Trail -M/-D/-I Platform – BD9596BMWV. BD9596BMWV (Jarrell Cove) is a Power Management Integrated Circuit (PMIC) designed specifically for use on Bay Trail-M/-D/-I platform for in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) systems, industrial control systems.


  • Complicated Power up / down sequence and state control are embedded.
  • Fewer external components count / compact size.
  • Controlling power regulation for each state (S4/S5, S3 and S0) results in a low power consumption.
  • Built-in reference clock (RTCCLK): 32.768kHz±5%.
  • Power control logic with processor interface and event detection.
  • SVID interface for control and register access.
  • Error mode indicator for debugging.
  • Built-in UVLO, SCP, OVP and TSD protection.


PMICs for Freescale i.MX6SoloLite
PMIC for Freescale’s i.MX 6SoloLite Application Processor

ROHM’s BD71805MWV utilizes power supply technology cultivated for mobile applications to optimize circuit configuration for the i.MX 6SoloLite processor. The result is significantly reduced power consumption during both standby and normal operation, prolonging battery life considerably. In addition, an RTC (Real Time Clock) function that enables clock and calendar management without driving the main processor is built in, increased operating time, along with a Li-ion battery charger featuring 30V input overvoltage protection that eliminates the need for an external IC. This reduces footprint by 20%, contributing to greater miniaturization.

Specifications & Features:

  • Low current consumption (OFF Mode: 25uA)
  • Saves space by integrating all functions required for battery systems on a single chip
  • 2.5MHz buck x 4ch
  • Built-in 30V OVP, 2.0A li-ion battery charger
  • 15bit ΔΣ-ADC Coulomb counter
  • RTC (32kHz osc.)
  • I2C I/F (100kHz / 400kHz / 3.4MHz)

Applications: eBook readers, Portable and battery-driven equipment, Smart Connect devices, Thermal Protection/Fan Control, Vehicle Stability

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