Post-Covid world will be very different, technology will play a big role in it: PM Modi

    PM Modi on Saturday said the country would ensure ‘ease of doing business’ for its youth while they should work for providing ‘ease of living’ to people, particularly the poorest of the poor, through innovations.

    Addressing the 51st annual convocation of IIT Delhi via video-conferencing, he said that the post-COVID-19 world is going to be very different and technology would play the biggest role in it.

    COVID-19 has taught the world that globalisation is important but self-reliance is equally important, the Prime Minister said.

    “India is fully committed to giving its youth ease of doing business so that the youth through their innovation can bring about a change in the lives of crores of people of the country,” Modi said addressing the graduating students of IIT Delhi.

    “The country will give you ease of doing business but you do one thing, through your expertise, experience, talent and innovation…ensure ease of living for the poorest of the poor citizens,” he said.

    Modi also urged the graduating students to focus on quality, never compromise, and make their innovations work at a mass scale.

    “Your work will give global recognition to our products. Your efforts will lead to swifter recognition of Indian products,” Modi told the students, calling them the best brand ambassadors of Brand India.

    The nation has seen how technology could provide good governance and reach the poor and the needy in the last few years, he said.

    Technology had made last mile delivery of services efficient and reduced the scope of corruption, the Prime Minister said. PTI

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