Platec Industries receives UL safety certification

Platec Industries, a manufacturer of PVC heat shrinkable lay flat tubings for bus bar insulation is the first in India to be granted the prestigious UL certificate for its PVC heat shrinkable bus bar sleeving.

G R Bajaj the founder of Platec Industries said, “The UL certification is an endorsement to our focus on providing good quality and safe products. We are very proud of this certification and happy to announce that these UL certified sleeves would be available within the country to assist our prestigious corporate projects. Our aim to make a mark as an Indian company in the international market committed to providing quality products, moves closer to reality with the achievement of this internationally accrued standard.”

PVC heat shrinkable lay flat tubing provides the perfect electrical insulation for bus bars of low tension systems in control panels and switchgear systems. Bus bar sleeve is the latest modern technology for insulation compared to age-old conventional method of taping, painting, etc.

Platec Industries, established in the year 1983 is a pioneer in manufacturing of hi-tech PVC heat shrinkable lay flat tubings, sleeves, pouches, pre-forms and multi-coloured shrink labels for numerous applications in a variety of industries.

UL is a premier global independent safety science company that has championed progress for more than 120 years.

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