PicoQuant Combines Fluorescence Spectroscopy and Microscopy


fiber_coupled_sample_holderNovel fibre coupling sample holder opens new opportunities for investigating spatial dependence of luminescence behaviour

PicoQuant has released a new fibre coupling sample holder for the modular time-resolved spectrometer FluoTime 300. This holder makes it possible to interface the system with a microscope such as the MicroTime 100. This set-up easily allows users to record time- and space-resolved emission spectra from any sample mounted in the microscope.

Time-resolved fluorescence spectroscopy is a spectroscopist’s most valuable tool for the investigation of excited state dynamics in molecules, complexes, or semi-conductors. Expanding the capabilities of a spectrometer with a microscope’s ability to probe and scan small areas provides exciting opportunities for investigating the spatial dependence of luminescence behaviour in a large variety of samples. As an example, this combination allows localising and characterising structural defects in semiconductor materials such as Copper Indium Gallium (di)Selenide (CIGS) used in solar cell research.

Such an instrument combination is of great value for analytical facilities in research centres, as it offers an expanded range of possible spectroscopic and microscopic applications in a single, easy to use set-up. When equipped with hybrid detectors, versatile TCSPC cards with optional longer time ranges, and pulsed lasers capable of working in burst mode, the set-up  offers a combined solution covering most of the demands of either high time, spectral, or spatial resolution in the fields of Chemistry, Biology, Physics, as well as in Life, Material or Environmental Sciences.