Persistent Systems Launches Specialized Engineering Services for IBM Watson IoT Platform

Persistent Systems announced it is working with IBM to improve and transform engineering processes, integrating new specialized consulting services via the IBM Watson Internet of Things (IoT) Platform to help engineers integrate massive amount of data from the IoT into product development. Persistent has more than 1,000 engineers dedicated to the IBM Watson IoT Platform and IBM IoT Continuous Engineering solutions, and the new specialized services around engineering, software development and data analytics will provide clients with the necessary skills and steps to adopt more agile practices for engineering. The alliance combines IBM Watson IoT Platform with Persistent Systems’ expertise around continuous engineering, analytics and enterprise digital transformation. IBM Watson IoT Platform is a set of capabilities that learn from, and infuse intelligence into, the physical world and is a response to how to capture the real-time opportunity presented by the Internet of Things.  IBM IoT Continuous Engineering solutions are designed to help manufacturers create smart, connected devices, while addressing the cost, time and quality challenges in delivering complex, connected products for the IoT.

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