People Mobility Management Solution would enable users to operate application, hardware and infrastructure

    The advent of cloud technology and the move toward a digitally connected world is leading towards massive growth in the way data gets generated, stored and managed. The demand for cloud based solutions is rising and the market is growing rapidly.

    COSEC VYOM is a People Mobility Management solution, based on cloud technology that allows users to use application, hardware and infrastructure as a service. Cloud based time and attendance system addresses solutions to the outlined issues of productivity, security and efficiency by providing ubiquitous, cost-effective, and secure and on demand network access.

    Key Features:

    • Access from Anywhere, Anytime
    • On Demand Scalability in Sync with Organization Size
    • No Capex, Maintenance and Upgrades for IT
    • Pay Per Usage
    • Easy Access through any Internet Enabled Device
    • Multi-level Data Encryption and Protection
    • Email and SMS Notifications
    • Backup, Archival, Retrieval and Migration
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