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    Pegasystems Announces First Six Companies Funded By Pega Service Ventures to Empower Customer Success

    Pegasystems Inc. , the software company empowering customer engagement at the world’s leading enterprises, on September 18, announced the first six companies funded through Pega Service Ventures, a new initiative to accelerate the growth of early stage Pega implementation service partners. Pega-funded companies will provide advisory and implementation services to help clients leverage Pega software to deliver on their business goals.

    Pega selected six companies based on a combination of proven ability to execute; leadership in digital transformation, customer engagement, and operations; industry focus; technical competence; and ability to embrace rapid and iterative service delivery methodology. The following selected firms include a mix of those with proven track records delivering Pega implementations, new Pega partners, as well as vertical expertise in healthcare, government, and financial services:

    • Digital FastForward
    • Hoverstate
    • Quavo
    • Serendebyte
    • srcLogic
    • Upton Hill

    The Pega Service Ventures initiative was introduced in March 2017 to provide clients with additional resources in critical areas including unified CRM, artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, and operations. For the next group of companies, to be selected in winter 2018, Pega Service Ventures is seeking firms with European presence and expertise implementing AI.

    “As Pega clients continue their digital transformation journeys, it’s critical they have access to the most innovative resources in digital transformation and customer experience,” said Max Mayer, senior vice president, corporate development, Pegasystems. “We are excited to welcome these new companies into the Pega ecosystem to help our clients accelerate their path to success.”

    For more information, visit:

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