NXP Semiconductors Launches New Generation Platform

Top global automotive chip supplier NXP Semiconductors announced its new generation automotive processing platform S32x on Oct 17, 2017.

The platform is the world’s first fully scalable computing architecture that can help car makers to speed up new products’ time-to-market as well as allowing car users to easily update the software of their vehicle.

As software with more intricate functions is nowadays used in the auto industry, how to integrate it is the biggest challenge for the developers in the industry.

The S32x architecture can provide users a solution to develop applications in a car’s five domains, said Ross McOuat, vice-president, and general manager of global marketing and distribution, automotive MCU, and processors in NXP Semiconductors. Its performance is tenfold of current best performing safe automotive platforms.

According to the company, S32x can reduce software development effort by 90 percent within application domains, by more than 40 percent across application domains.

Moreover, the architecture can also deliver secure encryption to update the cars’ applications remotely. In this way, car application developers can easily fix bugs at a reasonable cost while ensuring security.

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