Unveiling new range of rectangular plastic connectors

    The industrial sector is using ever smaller machines at the same time as the modularisation of plants and systems continues to progress. What is needed are compact, modular and robust connections for connecting small loads. HARTING is responding to this trend with the Han 1A. The rectangular connector has a whole host of advantages: the connector is suitable for the transmission of data, signals and power, and provides an ideal solution for e.g. control systems, smaller drives and switch cabinet installations.

    The housings, inserts and cable glands of the new series are made of high-performance plastic, which makes the connector a lightweight. The Han 1A is smaller than all previous Han solutions. In comparison to the Han 3A – the smallest rectangular connector portfolio yet – the space requirement is reduced by about one third.

    The modular design of the Han 1A offers maximum flexibility for the respective application. Solutions for a wide variety of tasks can be developed from just a small number of elements. Power ratings up to 16 A / 400 V, signals with up to 12 contacts per insert, and data at a rate of 10 Gbps (Cat. 6A) can all be transmitted.

    Depending on the customer’s requirements, the new connector series offers the right solution. Users can thus decide between a classic metal clamp lock and a latched lock already integrated into the housing. There are also two options with regard to the connection technology: screw and crimp connection.

    In addition, flexibility is enhanced by a wide range of useful accessories. Using e.g. cable glands or single-wire seals, within seconds the Han 1A system can be transformed from an IP20 solution into an IP65 connector for harsh industrial environments.

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