New OpenVPX Chassis Platform from Pixus features Multiple Segments

Pixus Technologies, a provider of embedded computing and enclosure solutions, now offers a 4U OpenVPX chassis platform that features multiple segments for the backplane slots and power supplies.  The configuration provides the ability to have replicated redundancy in one chassis platform as well as red/black segmentation.

The 4U OpenVPX segmented chassis from Pixus has three pluggable PSU slots and three power and ground backplanes in the 19” rackmount/desktop enclosure.  Single or dual AC feeds are available.

The chassis has a bottom-to-top airflow configuration, with 1U for the fan/intake area and space for 3U boards. Pixus also offers OpenVPX, cPCI Serial, MicroTCA, and AdvancedTCA chassis in multiple airflow configurations.