New Ixxat Repeater Series exclusively designed for CAN FD and CA based systems

Adding to the existing Ixxat line of CAN bridges and gateways, HMS Networks now presents four new Ixxat CAN FD repeaters, all supporting both the new CAN FD standard as well as traditional CAN.

With the new Ixxat CAN FD repeaters, HMS enables very flexible networking in existing CAN systems as well as in new, modern CAN FD-based systems.

The repeaters enable CAN FD and CAN components to be networked using more effective tree and star topologies, as well as allowing implementation of drop lines. No configuration is required in the process which makes operation and commissioning extremely easy for users.

The Ixxat CAN FD repeaters are available with two and four channels for copper-wired networking (versions CAN-CR100 and CAN-CR300) and for copper and fiber-optic connectivity (CAN-CR110/FO). All repeaters have a galvanic isolation of 1 kV, except for the CAN-CR120/HV version which withstands up to 3 kV. With the fiber optic version, it is possible to bridge distances with high electromagnetic interferences or to design applications with very high demands on galvanic isolation.

The repeaters come with slim plastic housings for DIN rail mounting, and the CAN connection is done via screw terminals.

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