New Ferrite Beads Offer High Attenuation Across Wide Frequency Range

Coilcraft offers wire-wound ferrite beads in standard package sizes from 0201 (0603) to 1812 (4532) boasting high attenuation and wideband frequency performance. The components enable smaller design sizes compared to traditional thick-film chip ferrite beads. They feature a ferrite construction and heavy gauge wire for high current handling and provide low DCR while maintaining high filtering impedance across a wide bandwidth, up to GHz band.

The company offers 11 families of wire-wound ferrite beads, all of which are RoHS-compliant and halogen-free. Three models (the 0603LS, 0805LS and 1008LS) are qualified to AEC-Q200 Grade 3 standards (-40° to +85°C ambient), making them suitable for automotive and other harsh-environment applications.