New eBook highlighting technologies for building automation

Mouser Electronics, Inc. announces a new eBook, in collaboration with Texas Instruments (TI), which explores the products and technologies necessary to meet current and future requirements for building automation. In Building Automation: Technologies at the Foundation of Smart Homes and Buildings, subject matter experts from TI and Mouser provide in-depth analyses on a number of topics and applications relevant to building automation. TI offers a broad portfolio of products designed for building automation applications such as HVAC, security, video surveillance, and more.

Technological advances in energy efficiency, connectivity, and sensing solutions have led to rapid growth in the market for home security and building automation. Engineers are developing new solutions to meet growing demand for connected devices, as the Internet of Things becomes accessible to more and more households around the world. The new eBook outlines both the technologies and the specific products required to automate devices including doorbells, locks, and elevators.

Building Automation: Technologies at the Foundation of Smart Homes and Buildings offers detailed information on products such as the IWR6843ISK-ODS TI mmWave sensor evaluation module. The high-performance module includes a 60-GHz IWR6843 industrial TI mmWave sensor and enables access to point-cloud data through a USB interface and raw analog-to-digital converter data using a 60-pin high-speed connector.

The eBook also features descriptions of the CC3235x SimpleLink dual-band wireless systems-on-chip (SoCs) and the MSP430FR263x ultra-low-power microcontrollers. The CC3235x SoCs provide the stability and security necessary for building automation applications, while the MSP430FR263x microcontrollers include TI’s CapTIvate touch technology for applications that require reliable capacitive touch functionality.

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