New Digital High Voltage Insulation Tester released

    KUSAM-MECO has introduced a new digital high voltage insulation resistance tester with polarisation index and dielectric absorption ratio having output voltage range from 500V ~ 10KV; Model KM 6213A IN.

    The KM 6213A IN has new added features with a low consumption high performance processor. It’s display results much faster and has more advanced features. It has automatic polarization index and dielectric absorption ratio calculations.

    Results are displayed on the high contrast LCD. It’s convenient mounting angle makes it more readable for most users, in diverse working conditions. It has large LCD display with timer. It can stop the test automatically and switch the tester off automatically. It has very low power consumption. It has colour coded terminals and test leads.

    The KM 6213A IN is portable, tough and rugged and can sustain industrial environment handling, it can test at voltage from as low as 500V upto as high as 10000V, adjustable with a 500V step. This insulation tester is lightweight, robust and compact size. It has auto-stop, EnerSave and is a non-destructive tester.

    It is used to test insulation resistance on Ceramic insulators, between Busbars, open circuit of contactors connections, insulating materials. It is mainly used for periodic measurements to ensure that user and equipment are safe. The new PI and DAR features are useful to schedule maintenance. The user keeps records of the PI and DAR results and can analyse these results over time.

    It operates on 8 x C size 1.5V alkaline battery. It indicates low battery while in use. It has auto-off function which increases life of battery. Weight is approximately 3.6 kgs. It is supplied with test leads and operator’s manual.

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