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    Unveiling new PTZ Network Camera for optimum surveillance in harsh environments

    Axis Communications, the market leader in network video, has introduced the AXIS Q6215-LE PTZ Network Camera to meet the increasing demand for more heavy-duty PTZ cameras with built-in IR (Infrared) illumination. These PTZ Network Cameras are ideal for 24/7 open-area surveillance in airports, harbours and highways. Its robust design can withstand the toughest weather conditions including wind speeds up to 245 km/h (150 mph).
    AXIS Q6215-LE is a reliable and robust camera, specially designed with high precision pan, tilt and zoom capabilities with long-range IR to cover wide and long-distance surveillance up to 400m (1300ft). Its long-range OptimizedIR enables the cameras to automatically adjust to the camera zoom and recognize and identify targets in poor light or complete darkness.

    These PTZ camera are compliant to MIL-STD-810G standard, ensuring reliable operation in extreme and harsh weather conditions and perform in wind, snow and rain. With vandal-resistant IK10-rated casing and IP66/IP68 ratings, the camera guarantees a resistant housing to both harsh weather conditions and impacts.

    The flexible design of the camera allows it to be mounted to facing up or down depending on the needs. It includes an installation plate with sliders/lever that moves horizontally or vertically to control a variable for safe and easy installation. Furthermore, with the built-in wiper that comes along with the camera, it is easy to get quality images even in snow and rain. This high-end camera series features light sensitive sensors for sharp and clear images. This has built in analytics for intelligent and smart detection. This allows customers to monitor multi-site premises with efficient security solutions.

    Sudhindra Holla, Sales Director, at Axis Communications, India and SAARC comments, “The upgraded edition of our PTZ Network Camera series will help our customers ensure safety even in the most challenging conditions, whether it’s poor light, weather or extreme terrain. The cameras’ outstanding image quality give the operators the best possible chance of identifying people, objects and vehicles, in any harsh environment.”

    Key features include:

    • OptimizedIR 400m (1300ft)
    • ½” sensor for high light sensitivity and dynamic
    • Compliant with MIL-STD-810G and NEMA TS-2
    • HDTV 1080p resolution, WDR, Lightfinder and 30x optical zoom
    • AXIS Guard Suite analytics included

    AXIS Q6215-LE features very light-sensitive ½” inch sensor, WDR and Lightfinder for sharp, clear images even when there’s both dark and light areas in the scene. It also offers Axis’ Zipstream technology to save bandwidth and storage by up to 50% – without sacrificing quality.

    For more information, visit:

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