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    NETGEAR Rolls out two industry-first series of ProSAFE 10Gigabit (10G) switches

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    Drives down networking cost and complexity~

    ~M4200 Switch designed for Wave 2 Wireless-AC deployments featuring 8×2.5G with unconstrained PoE+ ports; M4300 Series with 10G and 1G switch variants interchangeable in the stack~

    NETGEAR a global networking company that delivers innovative products to businesses, consumers, and service providers,  has introduced two new ProSAFE® 10Gigabit (10G) switching platforms– ProSAFE M4200 and M4300 Managed Intelligent Edge Series- each of which offers industry first capabilities for small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) looking to scale their Wave 2 Wireless-AC networks.

    The ProSAFE M4200 Managed Intelligent Edge Series offers the world’s first full power Power-over-Ethernet (PoE+) 8×2.5Gigabit and 2x10Gigabit distribution switch for Wave 2 Wireless-AC Access Points. It’s fully non-blocking, easier to deploy, and more affordable than market alternatives.

    The ProSAFE M4300 Managed Intelligent Edge Series is the world’s first stackable platform with edge-to-core 10Gigabit stacking from 24-port 1G to 48-port 10G, including PoE+ full provisioning. Competing solutions for the SMB typically do not offer simple stacking using 10G ports, and require costly proprietary stacking kits.

    Both Series offer future-ready design with SDN support, and enable resilient unified 10Gigabit (10G) wired and wireless network deployments easily and affordably, for improved delivery of rich applications.

    ProSAFE M4200 Managed Intelligent Edge Series

    The first switch in the new series, the ProSAFE® M4200-10MG-PoE+ Managed Switch (GSM4210P) is designed from the ground up to optimize the installation of Wave 2 Wireless-AC access points. It includes eight full power PoE+ and multi-speed 1G, 2.5G ports for 100-meter legacy cable runs, combined with two 10G uplinks for a fully non-blocking deployment of eight Wave 2 Wireless-AC access points. Two of the eight ports also support 5G speed.

    NETGEAR Multi-Gigabit Ethernet is compatible with managed solutions from most major wireless and switching vendors. It is the only one to offer 8×2.5G to the access point with 240W PoE available, as well as 2x10G line-rate aggregation to the wiring closet. Plenum rated, slim design and mounting accessories enable switch placement for optimizing access point placement and cabling efficiency, both inside and outside the rack.

    ProSAFE M4300 Managed Intelligent Edge Series

    The M4300 Series comes with 10G and 1G models in a variety of form factors and PoE+ full proATRvisioning. All 10G ports are independent and 1G backward-compatible for progressive transition to 10G speeds. The M4300 Switch Series delivers L2/L3/L4 and IPv4/IPv6 rich services for the mid-enterprise network edge and SMB network core with unrivalled ease of use: 10G models can seamlessly stack with 1G models, enabling line-rate “spine and leaf” stacking topologies up to 384 ports.

    Non-stop forwarding (NSF) virtual chassis architecture provides advanced High Availability (HA) with instant failover across the stack. Dual redundant, modular power supplies equipping full-width models contribute to business continuity management. The M4300 Series is ideal for server aggregation with Auto-iSCSI prioritization: two half-width M4300 switches can be installed in a single rack space for redundant Top of Rack installations. The Layer 3 feature set includes static and policy-based routing, RIP, VRRP, OSPF, and PIM dynamic routing – as standard.

    Subhodeep Bhattacharya, Regional Director, India & SAARC, NETGEAR said, “With the M4200 and M4300 switches, we have taken the complexity out of delivering Layer 2/3/4-rich services, making them more affordable and easier to deploy for small and medium-sized organizations.”“We’re confident that both of our Managed Intelligent Edge Switch Series will grab the attention of network managers looking to make a wise investment in advanced switching solutions to better enable advanced application delivery, especially for Wave 2 Wireless-AC wireless networks,” he added.

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