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    NETGEAR announces one year insight management solution to business

    NETGEAR, the leading provider of networking products that power businesses in both large and small announces the inclusion of free one-year Insight subscription with the registration of selected list of Insight Managed switches, wireless Access Point and Routers. The offer applies to all devices added on or after April 27, 2020, for both new and existing Insight accounts.

    NETGEAR Insight is an industry-first remote network and device management solution that provides easy plug-and-play set-up and management using its cloud portal or the intuitive Insight mobile app. The Insight cloud-based application, designed for remote network management is especially well suited for the current environment that both IT teams and managed service providers are now required to address. Providing a broad variety of configurations and network scenarios, the Insight application supports everything from the most basic of networks, through to multi-tenancy and multi-roles.

    Speaking at the occasion Marthesh Nagendra, Country Manager India, ME & SAARC, NETGEAR commented, "At NETGEAR, our key focus is to meet the demands of our  customers and provide businesses a platform where they can manage numerous customers remotely which makes it possible for the SMEs to seamlessly access all the information to ensure the business is running smoothly. Through NETGEAR’s latest offering, we aim to provide our customers to experience the best of the Insight solution and simplifying their network management considerably.

    Now you can easily experience Insight remote network management for a full year without a subscription fee. With the purchase of any qualifying Insight Managed switch, router or wireless access point listed on, simply follow the steps described to enable the one-year of free remote management for your new Insight device. You can pick and choose from various options of Insight subscriptions that will fit your needs best:

    Insight Premium – The NETGEAR award-winning Insight Premium management solution saves you time and allows you to take control over your network. NETGEAR Insight lets you easily discover, configure, remotely monitor and manage your Insight managed wireless access points, Insight Managed switches, and routers, from anywhere. NETGEAR Insight is available from any connected device -desktop, laptop and mobile devices. Remotely manage multiple devices across multiple locations–ideal for small and medium businesses.

    “This is a natural step to easier and faster deployment for our customers. Including one year of the Insight remote management subscription with some NETGEAR Insight devices will allow our customers to experience the benefits of the solution instantly. We are confident that our customers will find the Insight remote management solution to be a valuable asset to their business by simplifying their network management considerably. Plus, the power of remote network visibility and control cannot be overstated in these times.”; says Shaheen Kazi, Director of Product Line Management for Insight.

    Insight Pro – has everything included within Premium, plus other features including multi tenancy and multi-role configuration. The Insight Pro is ideal for multi-office organizations, value-added resellers, and Managed Service Providers.

    Insight Remote Network Management delivers a large array of features for your business clients:

    Zero-touch deployment – have a network up and running right out-of-the-box.

    Network and Device Configuration – Centrally setup wired and wireless networks and device configurations right through the Insight web portal or mobile app, even remotely.

    Single pane-of-glass – a single, centralized view that makes it simple for business owns IT
    managers, MSPs and resellers to remotely manage networks, even across multiple locations.

    Wide choice – Insight is compatible with a wide variety of NETGEAR access points, switches and routers, to give businesses a comprehensive, all-in-one managed network.

    Feature-rich – alerts, built-in help and support are all included, and Insight Pro makes it easy to monitor usage and export data for reporting.

    Experience the beautiful simplicity of cloud network management

    The cloud, wireless and wired networks can be deployed quickly, issues resolved before they turn into problems, and less time wasted on managing networks (or businesses and resellers having to skill-up on complex network engineering expertise). Experience the Insight solutions to manage a network within multi-tenancy buildings, such as offices, retail outlets, as well as schools, hospitals, etc., from anywhere.

    For more information, visit

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