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    NEPCON JAPAN: A Perfect Electronics R&D, Manufacturing and Packaging Technology Rendezvous

    48th Nepcon Japan, Asia’s leading exhibition for electronics R&D, manufacturing and packaging technology show just concluded on Jan 18, 2019 at Tokyo Big Site, Tokyo. The massive show was attended by 116,251 people from 61 countries. Total 2,528 Exhibitors from 37 countries participated at Nepcon Japan. On the other side attendance reached to 26,695 people while 310 industry leaders delivered their expertise in the conferences.

    NEPCON Japan is a compound exhibition combining seven shows including Internepcon Japan, Electrotest Japan, IC & Sensor Packaging Technology Expo, Electronic Components and Materials Expo, PWB Expo – Printed Wiring Boards Expo, LED and Laser Diode Technology Expo and Fine Process Technology Expo. In addition Nepcon Japan concurrently organize the following shows. Automotive World: is leading exhibition for advanced automotive technologies, covering topics such as automotive electronics, connected car, autonomous driving, EV/HEV/FCV, lightweight and processing technology. Wearable Expo: is a leading exhibition for wearable devices and technologies. RoboDEX: is a leading robotics technology exhibition. Smart Factory Expo: is an Exhibition for latest technologies and solutions for smart factories.

    Find a few startling innovations displayed at Nepcon Japan:

    ROHM: developed NANO Energy, a breakthrough technology that decreases current consumption during ultra-light loads while ninimising the ensuing trade-off. The result is a current consumption of 180nA, the smallest in the world. The technology was used to develop the BD70522GUL DC/DC converter, which delivers twice the battery drive time of conventional products at no load.

    XILING: Xilinx Powering Automotive Solutions: ADAS and AD, delivering the building blocks to develop unique platforms for machine learning, computer vision, sensor fusion, and connectivity; Drives & Motor Control Scale from single to multi-axis control with embedded analytics and uncompromised determinism, performance, and power efficiency.

    Kyoritsu Test System: Focus-2000Plus – Industrial PC (Factory Automation PC): The computer part was integrated in the measurement unit. They are separated to individual part and it implemented much better function and easy maintenance. Industrial PC is integrated as a PC part, because it can be supplied stably, highly relied on and have long life performance. It realized long-life stable performance as both communication speed and measurement process.

    Nippon Chemi-con Corporation: Displayed conductive polymer hybrid aluminum electrolytic capacitors specifying with high reliability, is realized by hybrid electrolyte, endurance with ripple current: 2,000 to 4,000 hours at 135℃, rated voltage range: 16 to 35Vdc, Capacitance range: 47 to 470μF, for high temperature and high reliability applications, RoHS2 Compliant and halogen Free.

    Canon Anelva Corporation: Exhibited vacuum solutions: The Company manufactures highly reliable sputtering equipment for use in semiconductor production lines. Thin film formation by sputtering plays a very important role in nanometer level processing required for a large scale integration of semiconductor devices. Storage Device Manufacturing Equipment, Equipment for Electronic Device Manufacturing and for R&D and Vacuum Components – vacuum technology contributes to stable operations of equipment and measuring instruments.

    Omron: VT-S530: Featuring High Productivity and High Resolution. Introducing a New Model in the VT-S 3D-SJI Series: High-precision Soldering Inspection. The VT-S7 series features 3D-SJI based on high-accuracy solder shape restoration. Accurate quantitative inspection of solder bond ability is now possible, greatly contributing to quality control requirements conforming to international standards.

    VT-X750 is in-line full inspection coverage: The VT-X750 improves upon previous Omron 3D-CT technology making it the fastest X-Ray inspection system to date. The automated inspection logic has been improved for many parts such as IC heal fillets, stacked devices (PoP), through hole components, press-fit connectors, and other bottom terminated parts.

    Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd.: Narrow pitch BGA / CSP compatible printed circuit board – A 32-layer printed wiring board with 0.35 mm pitch and 1,000 pin BGA realized by FiTT construction method; Ultra high multilayer <100 layer over> Rigid board – 100 layers with rigid board using high TgFR-4 realized high density wiring accommodation while securing electrical characteristics.

    TopLine: exhibits innovative CCGA technology and other packaging solutions. Koh Young Technology Showcased Latest PCBA Inspection Solutions. The company showcased latest Industry 4.0 inspection solutions i.e. KY-P3 3D pin inspection solution, high-speed 3D AOI platform, Zenith UHS, Enhanced 3D SPI System, KY-P3 pin inspection solution, which delivers true 3D inspection for single, array, fork pin, press-fit, and other pin configurations.

    Devendra Kumar
    Devendra Kumar
    Devendra Kumar is the editor in chief of ELE Times. With over 25 years experience covering the electronics and application industry, Devendra has at various times focused on electronics, covering the global electronics industry with a particular focus on India His beat has always been emerging technologies and business models that enable a new generation of core electronics. In addition, he covers automotive, Internet of Things, and wireless/networking for ELE Times.

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