The Multiple Personalities of the First Four-in-One LDO Evaluation Board

The STEVAL-LDO001V1 is the first evaluation platform combining four different Low Drop Out (LDO) development boards into one solution to help engineers find the right component for their design. We pride ourselves in delivering ultra-low power solutions and components with energy saving modes that can drop current consumption by one order of magnitude or more. For instance, the recent STM32L4+, for wearables and embedded systems, needs 43 µA/MHz, but its shutdown mode drops the current consumption to a mere 33 nA. We even offer industry-leading tools, like the STM32 Power Shield, to ensure teams can better test their design’s power consumption. However, to take advantage of such low power modes, a circuit must use the right LDOs, and choosing the appropriate device for the job isn’t an easy task.

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