Mr. Modi and his government has a good reputation in Germany and this is a very big point for Bavarian investors and companies to come to India

Erwin Huber, German politician, Christian Social Union (CSU)
Yatish Mohan, Managing Director, Rohde & Schwarz India
John Kottayil, Chief of the India Representative Office of the State of Bavaria

Recently CSU Parliamentary Group, Bavarian State, Germany headed by Erwin Huber, Chairman, parliamentary Committee and Team, was on the goodwill mission to India for the bilateral trade relations between India and Bavarian state, Germany.Erwin Huber is a German politician of the Christian Social Union (CSU). On their visit to RS India, New Delhi, the parliamentary Committee and Team tried to have batter understanding about the eco system in India. Yatish Mohan, Managing Director, Rohde & Schwarz India introduced the facilities by the company to Bavarian Parliamentary Group. Erwin Huber in his address emphasized on the close bilateral ties between two countries. The meet was attended by Yatish Mohan, Managing Director RS India, Philamin Philip, Mohan Kakde and Rishi Sand among others.

In order to promote and strengthen the bilateral trade relationships between the States of Bavaria and India Babaria has a flourishing office in Bangalore headed by John Kottayil, Chief of the India Representative Office of the State of Bavaria.On his visit to RS India, Erwin Huber spoke to Devendra Kumar, Editor,ELE Times to express his frank and candid thoughts that there is conducive atmosphere in both the countries for mutual investments. Excerpts from the interview.

ELE Times: Throw light on the Bavarian Parliamentary Delegation and what are your findings in India?

Erwin Huber:  India is an upcoming and strong economy with huge market in new technologies. Bavaria also has a strong economy in terms of Industrial sector, automotive market and machine tools. India and Bavaria has enormous opportunities to enter into global market together.

ELE Times: Brief us about the Indo- Bavarian economic relationship with respect to infrastructure, technology, building, transportand energy sector.

Erwin Huber: There is a huge opportunity in the future collaboration on the modern technology, software skills, security, telecommunication and media. Hence our aim is to bring companies together by introducing Indian companies to Bavaria and by inviting Indian companies to visit and invest in Bavaria. With this collaboration we can explore and enhance more opportunities together.

ELE Times: What program do you have in order to strength bi-lateral relationship between India and Bavaria?

Erwin Huber: It is easy for Global players to find a way for themselves in international market but for small and medium sized companies it’s much more challenging to enter foreign market. Therefore, we support many middle sized companies by providing them advice and exposure through trade fairs. We promote them to visit fairs in Bangalore and Delhi. In order to accompany Bavarian companies in Indiawe have our own office which helps and share information.

ELETimes: You have been working with India for long, so what is your impression for India would be like in two year down the line?

John Kottayil: It’s an excellent time to intensify and strengthen the bi-lateral relationship with high-tech countries like Germany. With-in Germany Bavaria is a number one technology hub and this is a seventh largest economy within the European Union. Ease of doing business in India gives an opportunity for International and Bavarian companies for trade.

ELE Times: How do you impress upon the industrialists back home in Bavaria State that India is a wonderful place to investment in?

Erwin Huber: India has a very young, ambitious and educated population. Human Capital is the positive aspect of Indian market. I personally think that the reformation policy of Indian government is very important to enhance trade. Germany is actively following the Indian politics and the tax reform which is very important for trade and investment. Tax system is very complex and it is difficult to handle the bureaucratic process. We hope it will be much easier in future. Mr. Modi and his government have a good reputation in Germany and this is a very big point for investors and companies to come in India. Rohde & Schwarz, a 30 year old company in India, has set a mark that India has wonderful opportunities. Indian market is dynamic and huge. India has good future so more Bavarian companies will follow the trend of Rohde& Schwarz for establishing their relationship in India.

ELE Times: What are the ways by which you share Indian information with your audience in Germany or what are the different platforms to disseminate the information?

Erwin Huber: We have an old unit named Bavarian International. We also conduct seminars and conferences, we also put business people together and provide them information. India is very important for Bavarian companies as India is very dynamic and provides strong competition for investments and markets.

ELE Times: What are the highlights of your trip in India?

Erwin Huber: We are strongly impressed by ambition of Indian businessmen. Europe and India should be on global stage to vote for free market system and globalization because globalization is good opportunity for economy and for people.

ELE Times: Rohde & Schwarz is doing business in India for long. What is your approach to spread the information to Bavaria on ‘ease of doing business in India’ as you have experienced?

Yatish Mohan: Rohde & Schwarz’s worldwide directors and top office bearers get together at least once or twice in a year to share the information and happenings in different countries of the world. Our headquarter in Munich also has seen that India is an upcoming economy and focused on growth. After the economic reforms introduced by Modi government, a number of Bavarian companies will invest in India. In Munich, we want to utilize the IT skills of India. Therefore, we are employing software developers in Rohde & Schwarz team at India. R&S is expanding its software department in India.

ELE Times: What is your message to Indian community? What you have to say about the affinity between two people in Germany and India?

Erwin Huber: We admire India as it is the biggest operational democracy in the world. India is a model for many countries in the world with respect to togetherness where different religions, nationality and cultures living in harmony.

In Germany, India is admired as a great country. India has young population which has future while Europe and Germany have an old population. The older populations think about security and avoid risk while younger population is always ready for new things and innovations. Thus India has a promising Future.

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