Moxa Introduces an Integrated Data Acquisition Solution to Simplify Your Industrial IoT Deployments



Moxa’s newly launched ThingsPro Suite is an integrated solution for distributed data acquisition and device management that can immensely simplify your Industrial IoT deployments. Built on an open Debian Linux platform, the ThingsPro Suite enables the integration of Modbus communications and device management, data acquisition and processing, and wireless networking, in a few simple steps.

Featuring the Data Logger and Wireless Manager utilities, ThingsPro Suite empowers users to focus primarily on their applications instead of the complex process of integrating the field devices with the applications in the centralized control facility. ThingsPro Suite is currently available with Moxa UC-8100-CG series computers.

ThingsPro Suite Highlights:

Ready-to-Run Data Acquisition Engine with Data-Logger Utility

l   Data polling engine for Modbus/RTU and Modbus/TCP

l   Modbus API to interface with user applications, providing greater programming flexibility

l   Data logging software that can interface with remote databases, easing data acquisition

Ready-to-Run Connection with Wireless Manager Utility

l   4G communication enabled, to ensure that your 4G connection is always active

l   Modbus protocol support for efficient communication with Modbus-based devices

l   Network system log for easy troubleshooting

l   VPN support for easy setup of remote VPN tunnels from a central server

l   Ethernet/serial-to-cellular routing that helps connect all peripheral devices to the 4G network

 UC-8100-CG Series Highlights:

Built for Industrial IoT environments

l   ARM Cortex-A8 300 MHz / 1 GHz processor

l   Reliable 4G-LTE performance certified by Verizon and AT&T

l   Support for Verizon and AT&T Private Networks

l   Patented Secure Boot technology to safeguard the Linux kernel

l   Secure data transmission from the edge devices to the central core using MQTT and SSL

l   -40 to 70°C wide operating temperature range

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