Mouser Now Shipping Amphenol LTW’s Waterproof USB Type-C Connectors and Cables

Mouser Electronics, Inc., is now stocking waterproof USB Type-C cables and connector from Amphenol LTW. These cables and space-saving receptacles provide data and power connectivity and transmission.

The Amphenol LTW waterproof USB Type-C cables, available from Mouser Electronics, feature a waterproof USB Type-C connector on one end and a non-waterproof USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 Type-A connector on the other. The Type-C connector offers IP68-rated protection when mated, shielding the connection from dirt, dust, and long-term immersion in liquids. The cables support the USB 3.1 standard with a top speed of 10 Gbps and 1A power supply (3A for the jack connector). The standard allows for bi-directional power, which makes these cables and jack a one-piece solution for the data and power transmission without the need for a separate power adapter.

The connectors are suitable for a variety of applications in industrial and harsh environments, including data center, portable devices, automotive diagnostic and infotainment systems, marine electronics, and outdoor LED displays.

To learn more about Amphenol LTW’s waterproof USB Type-C cables, visit


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