Mouser Introduces Scope Search to Enhance Navigation on Its Industry-Leading Website.

    Mouser Electronics, Inc., is pleased to announce more exciting new ways for customers to search and browse for products on its website,

    The new Scope Search with Advanced Type Ahead feature, now live on, enables customers to more quickly and easily find product information. On the main search bar, users can now click the drop-down menu to narrow their searches by product category, or click All to search Mouser’s entire inventory. Both Scope Search methods provide customers with the Advanced Type Ahead function, which allow customers to enter a partial part number to receive suggestions to help narrow the parametric data search.

    “While scoped searching — or limiting searches to certain categories or content — is fairly common on today’s sites, Mouser’s new Scope Search capability goes much further,” said Hayne Shumate, Mouser’s Senior Vice President of Internet Business. “For example, selecting Capacitors from the drop-down menu changes the Type Ahead behavior. As you enter part numbers into the search box, only capacitor parts appear in the suggestions. Even better, you can search by attributes. Try typing ‘.01uf film radial,’ and watch as the suggestions change as you type.”

    Shumate added, “With this new capability, customers can go directly from the search box to the product, bypassing navigation and filtering, which can be very helpful when searching through the millions of products on”

    Scope Search with Advanced Type Ahead is just the latest in search enhancements Mouser is rolling out to its customers, building on recent additions that allow customers to search via Datasheets, Images and Newest Products. Customers can also search for products through the standard parametric product search. With this new expanded functionality, customers can browse products and narrow down product information on their own terms, in ways they’ve never been able to before.

    To learn about the new ways to search and browse products and product information, visit

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