Mouser to Globally Distribute Products of Bridgetek, Formerly Part of FTDI Chip

Mouser Electronics, Inc., the industry’s leading New Product Introduction (NPI) distributor with the widest selection of semiconductors and electronic components, has signed a global distribution agreement with Bridgetek, a rapidly growing semiconductor company that develops innovative silicon solutions to enhance the way in which society interacts with technology. The Bridgetek product line at Mouser comprises multi-award-winning graphics controller ICs, performance-optimized microcontrollers, development hardware, and display modules.

Each member of Bridgetek’s FT81x Embedded Video Engine (EVE) series combines display, audio and touch functionality in a single chip, which presents engineers with a highly effective solution for implementing human-machine interfaces (HMIs) with high-quality dynamic graphics. These devices use an object-orientated methodology that allows graphics to be rendered line-by-line (at 1/16th-pixel resolution), as opposed to pixel-by-pixel. This streamlines the HMI construction process, leading to reductions in cost, board real estate, and system complexity.

The company’s FT93x embedded microcontrollers incorporate a proprietary 32-bit RISC-based FT32 core that can deliver true zero-wait-state operation while running at up to 100MHz. These microcontrollers offer elevated performance levels in small, low-pin-count packages that reduce required space by up to 40 percent compared to the previous generation microcontrollers.

Its ME81x development modules are based on the FT812 and FT813 EVE advanced graphics controller ICs and are designed to help engineers to build more sophisticated and functionality-rich HMIs. Both modules feature a 5-inch, 800×480 pixel TFT display capable of supporting portrait and landscape orientations. The ME812A-WH50R has resistive touch functionality that permits touch operation through gloved hands, while the ME813A-WH50C module features capacitive touch, which enables five simultaneous touch points and gesture control.

Bridgetek’s popular CleO touch-enabled display shields feature either a 3.5-inch (CleO35) or 5.0-inch (CleO50) HVGA TFT display with resistive touchscreen that delivers smooth animation of anti-aliased graphics and video playback. The CleO35 runs off an FT810 EVE IC for HMI operation with a low-power FT903 Super-Bridge microcontroller that provides access to an Arduino Uno over SPI and a central hub for fast interface accessories, such as a camera. The CleO50 features a larger PCB and adds support for two MikroElektronika mikroBUS interfaces, which enables engineers to connect click boards for additional sensor and control functionality. This shield also benefits from an FT900 series microcontroller, which extends the breadth of interfaces available, and an FT812 EVE IC that increases the level of color support.

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