Mouser Electronics and Audio Chip Innovator ESS Technology Announce Global Distribution Deal

    Mouser Electronics announces a global distribution agreement with ESS Technology, an industry leader in audio chips. The new agreement will allow system designers easy access to ESS’ broad portfolio of audio chips for home, mobile, automotive, and audiophile markets.

    The ESS Technology product portfolio now available from Mouser includes SABRE and SABRE PRO digital-to-analog converters (DACs). ESS audiophile DACs set a new standard for a truly immersive audio experience. Each SABRE DAC comes with multiple preset reconstruction filters built-in, as well as allowing for fully customizable settings that can be tuned by a system manufacture to match the specific needs in a particular design. The DACs also feature ESS’s patented 32-bit HyperStream™ DAC technology, which delivers outstanding sound quality and industry leading performance.

    SABRE headphone amplifiers allow listeners to enjoy the superior resolution and detail that is key to the immersive listening experience. SABRE amplifiers are designed to work seamlessly with all ESS products and consistently deliver excellent signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) and outstanding total harmonic distortion (THD) levels. The SABRE9601 is a high-performance, standalone headphone driver targeted for audiophile-grade portable applications such as smartphones, tablets, and media players. The SABRE9602 combines a high-performance headphone driver with an output switch to create a low-noise, high-gain amplifier that delivers outstanding performance all the way to listeners’ ears

    ES9311 LDO regulator is the industry’s first low-noise, low-dropout regulator designed specifically for high-performance audio systems. Optimized for high-resolution audio the regulator is based on an innovative architecture that contains series-voltage and shunt-voltage elements, eliminating the need for output decoupling capacitors — an industry first in audio system design. The ES9311 provides the extremely low-noise outputs necessary for driving the reference inputs of audio converters and offers significant value-add for audio system designers.

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