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    MORNSUN Supports the Development of the Home Energy Storage Industry

    This growing concern about the potential scarcity and limited availability of future energy resources from fossil fuels has allowed the new energy industry to attract much attention. Among them, energy storage is a key technology to improve the reliability of power systems and promote the consumption of new energy sources. The development of home energy storage can help household users save on electricity costs and ensure stable electricity consumption.

    Home Energy Storage: Service to Home Users, an Important Part of the New Energy System

    Home energy storage is usually installed in combination with home photovoltaic systems to provide electricity to home users, which can be well adapted to decentralized electricity demand and resource distribution. Developing and complementing together with large-scale energy storage systems, home energy storage will become an important part of a new type of power system with renewable energy as the main source, with a wide scope for development and promising prospects.

    As an energy supply device, the endurance of a home energy storage system is paramount. In order to ensure that the system consumes as little power as possible in standby mode, the power supply, which is the core component of the device, is particularly important and must be considered in terms of reliability, efficiency, and low power consumption.

    The key advantages of MORNSUN’s power supply for home storage system: low power consumption and ultra-wide input voltage range.

    With a focus on innovation and advanced technology in power supply for energy storage for more than one decade, MORNSUN has been at the forefront of providing reliable and efficient power solutions. Recognizing the growing importance of home energy storage, MORNSUN has directed its efforts toward developing power supply solutions tailored to the needs of this industry.

    Take MORNSUN PV75-2YBxxR3 series, home energy storage power supply as a sample,

    • Ultra-low power consumption

    The battery continues to consume power even when a home storage device is in standby mode. In civil applications, the standby time is much longer than in industrial applications. Power consumption, i.e. endurance, is a key concern for users. Therefore, in order to ensure that the product consumes less power in standby mode and to improve the overall endurance, the overall standby power consumption of the system needs to be reduced. This also requires the system components to do the same.

    PV75-2YBxxR3 is a special power supply for home storage application with ultra-low power consumption performance. The PV75-2YBxxR3 has a quiescent current of only 1mA at 500V input (power consumption 0.5W), which greatly reduces the loss of battery energy in long-term standby mode.

    • Ultra-wide and ultra-high input voltage range

    The power of energy storage devices is generally large, the voltage range of the battery packs unit connected in series is ultra-wide and ultra-high, and the voltage fluctuation range is also large.

    The PV power supply takes its power directly from the battery pack unit, so in order to convert this high voltage into usable power, an ultra-wide and ultra-high input voltage range is required for the power module.

    PV75-2YBxxR3 series features an ultra-wide high input voltage range of 80-1000VDC which can meet the requirement of the home energy storage.

    • 6 times high transient power

    When there may be switching loads, such as contactors, relays, etc., on the back end of the home energy storage system, there will be a short period of high transient current to the power supply and the system will exceed the power supply rating. To prevent damage to the power supply or the protection function from shutting down and causing a system failure, a high transient power supply is required at the front end.

    By optimizing the circuit design and component selection for high transient power design, the entire range of MORNSUN PV75-2YBxxR3 series power supplies achieves 1.6 times high transient power, with 75W in steady state and 120W in the transient state for 3s to meet system requirements.

    • UL/EN/IEC certification standard

    The DC/DC converter PV75-2YBxxR3 series complies with UL1741, EN/IEC62109 certification standards, providing equipment manufacturers with peace of mind.

    • High reliability, safety, long life

    Home storage needs to run for long periods of time, and the equipment is used in residential homes, while the PV system is high-voltage, so the reliability and safety of the system must be ensured. The long life of the system is also a major concern for users.

    PV75-2YBxxR3 series for home energy storage features a 3-year warranty, high isolation voltages up to 4000V, and an operating temperature range of -40°C to +85°C. At the same time, it has a variety of protection functions such as input under-voltage protection and reverse polarity protection. These ensure the safety and reliability of the system.

    Power Solution for Home Energy Storage System

    In addition to developing a range of PV power supply products to meet market demand, MORNSUN also supports reliable application solutions and provides one-stop solutions for power supplies.

    The voltage of the battery pack in a home energy storage system is high. It fluctuates over a wide range. The PV75-2YB12R3, with an ultra-wide input voltage range of 80-1000VDC, is used as the main power supply, drawing power from the battery and outputting 12V to power the display and other units.

    The 12V converted into 5V via the back-end non-insolated switching regulator K7805MT-500R4 and fixed input DC/DC converter B0505MT-1WR4, power to the main MCU, and the current and voltage detection system. In addition, the MCU gives the control signal to control the contactor via the IGBT driver to turn the system on and off.


    Safety performance, energy density, and environmental protection are the core concepts in the development of power supplies for the energy storage industry. Today, MORNSUN’s PV power supplies have been expanded to a power range of 5-1000W and have a range of original patented technologies. They can be applied to the entire system equipment of the PV industry.

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