Monitor your breath issues with help of Optical Fiber

The name of optical fiber takes us to the world of telecommunication but soon it will assist us for monitoring breath related issues. Now a hollow core optical fiber will be used as gas sensor.  Gases exhaled through nose and mouth often alert us  for our respiratory conditions. Till now detection of Biomarkers present at minute concentrations often require huge and expensive systems. Scientist in Tohoku University, using isoprene which is known as an indicator for cholesterol synthesis. The Japanese scientist believe their sensor paves the way for a more portable and affordable solution.

The apparatus in 3 meter long with empty core optical fiber whose core is coated with reflective film. When participants exhale gases into the fiber core, where traces come in contact with laser-driven UV light. The detector placed at end of fiber highlights any portions of the light signal that are absorbed as the ultraviolet emission passes through the gas sample. And this series of so-called ‘absorption peaks’ forms a chemical signature that reveal which molecules are present.