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    Mobile World Congress 2019: Italtel, Cisco, FANUC and Elettric80 present collative robot

    Exprivia | Italtel, an international group of Information and Communication Technology, in partnership with Cisco – has launched a strategic collaboration with FANUC, a Japanese multinational which specializes in the production of industrial robots, and Elettric80, a company specialized in factory automation, to drive the integration of digital technologies into industrial environments and empower Industry 4.0 use cases.

    The first result of this collaboration is currently on show at the Exprivia | Italtel stand (Hall 2, Stand G10) at Mobile World Congress 2019, until Thursday, February 28, in the form of “FANUC CR-4iA” ‘Cobot’ (collaboration robot), which leverages 5G intelligent networks and can be controlled through chatbots and vocal-recognition technology.

    Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and computer vision technologies create a ‘Cobot’ that can identify, grasp and position coffee pods based on color recognition. The user can interact with the ‘Cobot’ via a voice request or use a chatbot. The ability to interact vocally is made possible by “Cisco WebEx Teams” and “Questit Qplus” solutions, as well as voice assistants.

    Visual recognition developed by Exprivia | Italtel, which is also the system integrator of the solution, is a distinctive element obtained through a computer vision algorithm. The combination of vision sensor and ‘Cobot’ creates a series of tools which can collect and strategically analyze data generated by machines and devices connected to the associated production network – increasing the productivity and profitability of factories.

    The collaboration with Elettric80 is essential in developing the direct innovative applications that solve problems encountered by customers in the field, at numerous automated production plants worldwide.

    Gerardo Del Vecchio, Head of Partnership and Ecosystem Management of the Exprivia | Italtel group, said: “The collaboration with FANUC allows us to be at the side of the most virtuous companies which are turning their attention to an ultra-connected industrial model. The integration of IoT solutions is the true accelerator of competitiveness and growth on the path to Industry 4.0.”

    Marco Ghirardello, General Manager of FANUC Italia and Vice President of FANUC Europe, said: “The key to success is through collaboration and integration of skills in different fields, which are united in the joint effort to make factories more productive and efficient. We have chosen Exprivia | Italtel as a partner, which ensures FANUC’s technological solutions have the most advanced connectivity features and can be easily implemented in even the most demanding IoT architectures.”

    Raffaello Sernicola, Telco Innovation Leader of Cisco Systems, Italy: “The advent of 5G allows the development of innovative solutions in the area of Enterprise 4.0 which was previously not possible. Thanks to the collaboration of the various technological and integration partners, both in the field of industrial automation and telecommunication, it will bring benefits to end customers in terms of increased production and cost reduction.”

    Marco Casarini, Technical Director of Elettric80, added: “The synergy between innovation in automation and communication enables new scenarios for monitoring and remote control of systems with benefits for all those involved in the supply chain.”

    Machine Learning, AI and Computer Vision technologies, along with the development of FANUC’s IoT solutions for automation, are enabling factors available to companies that will be further amplified by the diffusion of 5G, the next generation network. This is why Exprivia | Italtel is directing its investments towards this area, as well as combining Italtel’s expertise in the infrastructural aspects of the 5G network with Exprivia’s know-how in the application field.

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