Microcontrollers augmented for safety-critical auto driving and functioning

Renesas announced the adding of the final alternatives to a group of microcontrollers; these safety MCUs are organized to be appropriate for as fundamentals on the track to autonomous driving – they are placed as low-end models in the RH850/P1x-C series.

Four MCUs make up the RH850/P1L-C Group for use in chassis and safety systems, such as anti-lock brake and airbag systems, as well as compact motor control systems. The RH850/P1L-C is a low-end MCU Group that is part of the RH850/P1x-C Series of Safety MCUs that meets the requirements for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). With this introduction, Renesas consolidates a scalable product lineup covering high-end to low-end applications, by reusing software resources and making use of common development tools.

The RH850/P1L-C Group inherits the RH850/P1x-C platform and includes many of its embedded safety mechanisms, such as a redundant checker core which operates in lockstep to the master core. These features enable the RH850/P1L-C devices to support ASIL-D systems, the most stringent safety level stipulated in the ISO 26262 automotive functional safety standard, as a safety element out of context. It also incorporates the ICU-S Renesas hardware security module, which supports the SHE (Secure Hardware Extension) and EVITA-Light (E-safety Vehicle Intrusion Protected Applications) automotive security standards. The RH850/P1L-C Group inherits timers and communication functions such as CAN-FD from its high-end predecessors.

A 40 nm process combines low power consumption and high reliability, in LQFP packages that require no heat sink when using a single power supply and operate at a frequency of 120 MHz (typ. 50 mA, 5V, 25°C). These QFP packages use a 0.4 mm pin pitch, which results in a more compact ECU. Three pin-count packages are available: 80 (10 x 10 mm), 100 (12 x 12 mm), and 144 (16 x 16 mm) pins.

Renesas is assisting system manufacturers with safety and security support programs, virtual environments employing model-based development tools provided in collaboration with Renesas partners, MCAL (Microcontroller Abstraction Layer) with AUTOSAR support, and reference boards designed for compact motor control systems.

Renesas; www.renesas.com

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