Micro-Measurements Student DAQ Version Adds 350 Ω and 1 kΩ Quarter-Bridge Inputs for More Precise Measurement


As part of its continued focus on the classroom, Micro-Measurements®, a Vishay Precision Group, Inc. (VPG) brand, today introduced a new version of its popular StudentDAQ pocket-sized, USB-powered data acquisition device for use with resistive strain sensors. Originally available with 120 Ω quarter-bridge inputs, the new version offers additional 350 Ω and 1 kΩ quarter-bridge inputs for more precise measurement in a variety of applications.

“The 120 Ω quarter-bridge input used to be the most commonly used resistance value in measurement applications; however, when the end user has a choice of values, higher resistances such as 350 Ω and 1 kΩ are often preferable because they significantly reduce heat generation,” said Donielle Dockery, Micro-Measurements senior field design engineer. “In addition, these values decrease leadwire effects such as circuit desensitization due to leadwire resistance and unwanted signal variations caused by leadwire resistance changes with temperature fluctuations. Similarly, when the strain measurement circuit includes switches, slip rings, or other sources of random resistance change, the signal-to-noise (SNR) ratio is improved with higher-resistance strain sensors operating at the same power level.”

Optimized for classroom environments or convenient, low-cost gage installation verification, the easy-to-use StudentDAQ doesn’t require calibration, and it features built-in support for a single channel of full-bridge, half-bridge, and quarter-bridge inputs, including all necessary bridge completion. The unit provides basic functionality for simple data logging and academic lab experiments, yet is powerful enough for more sophisticated measurement applications. The StudentDAQ’s 24-bit delta-sigma A/D converter provides a ±16,000 µε measurement range at 80 Hz and a gage factor setting of 2.00, with a 1% of reading accuracy and a resolution of 1 µε.

The new StudentDAQ version is an example of Micro-Measurements’ commitment to supporting the educational community through product offerings and programs designed to aid engineering and technology students and educators. This support includes strain sensor discounts and bundles; a selection of Student Strain Gage-based sensors; an extended warranty program for instrumentation; and Experiments in Mechanics, a series of exercises designed around the simple cantilever beam and intended to teach mechanics using experimental stress analysis technology.