MES Expo’s vision for the industry, is the new platform for all modes of transport

    As the digital transformation progresses, a dialogue in the electronics suppliers industry involving all modes of transport is becoming increasingly important. Whether in automobiles, utility vehicles or rail transport, the opportunities and challenges accompanying this transformation are all similar. MES Expo, which is taking place from 7 to 9 November on the Berlin Exhibition Grounds for the first time, will provide the corresponding platform for this dialogue.

    “With MES Expo, a new platform has been established where electronics suppliers can find out about key topics in the mobility sector on every mode of transport, and exchange views with each other as well as with vehicle manufacturers and representatives of business, science and politics“, said Hennig Kagermann, chairman of the steering committee of the National Platform Future of Mobility.

    The new trade fair concept has convinced not just global market leaders such as CRRC and Mitsubishi Electric, but other driving forces in this industry too. Kiepe Electric, one of Germany’s largest suppliers of powertrain equipment for public transport will also be taking part. Inova Semiconductors, a company from southern Germany, is also an innovative industry force. In early 2019 the company received the ’Innovator of the Year 2019’ award in the Automotive Suppliers category from the magazine brandEins and online platform Statista.

    “For us, MES Expo with its focus on infotainment/telematics and interior systems is an ideal event for targeting our automotive, aviation and rail transport customers. We are looking forward to coming to Berlin“, said Thomas Rothhaupt, director of Sales & Marketing at Inova Semiconductors.

    Thus, at MES Expo new forward-looking industry members will be coming together with internationally established companies such as Knorr-Bremse. The world’s leading manufacturer of braking systems for rail and utility vehicles sees MES Expo as an ideal platform for presenting the listed company’s plans for the future of the mobility sector.

    “At the Mobility Electronics Suppliers Expo in Berlin visitors will be able to find out about our strategy, mobility and transport technologies as well as concrete solutions that accompany a vehicle’s entire lifecycle. That applies to rail and utility vehicles alike. Our predictive maintenance and highly automated vehicle projects are prime examples of this. Intelligent interconnectivity between vehicles, their environment and the energy system will be a key topic for us at MES Expo. That is why we are looking ahead to important, forward-looking discussions with familiar and new business partners in Berlin“, said Klaus Deller, CEO of Knorr-Bremse AG.

    Numerous other leading companies including the multi award-winning supplier Hugo Benzig, the French automotive supplier Valeo and the Slovenian company VIP-VIRANT will also be taking part in these discussions.

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