MediaTek Filogic Wi-Fi 7 and 6E Chips pass Federated Wireless AFC System Testing

    MediaTek has announced the successful completion of interoperability testing for Automated Frequency Coordination (AFC) on MediaTek Filogic Wi-Fi 7 and Wi-Fi 6E chips, in collaboration with Federated Wireless.

    Federated Wireless is conditionally approved by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to operate an AFC system. FCC manages access to spectrum by standard-power indoor and outdoor unlicensed devices in the 6 GHz bands.

    An Automated Frequency Coordination system enables standard power operation for indoor and outdoor unlicensed devices. Such devices include 5G CPEs, fiber gateways, and ethernet gateways. AFC system transmits over 850 MHz of spectrum in the 6 GHz frequency band. Doing so provides Wi-Fi products with improved range, faster connectivity speeds, and improved capacity. This is particularly helpful as Wi-Fi 7 technology continues to proliferate.

    “We are very happy to partner with Federated Wireless and to have finished an extensive series of integration testing. Our Filogic Wi-Fi 7 and 6E chips, including the CES 2023 Innovation Award-winning Filogic 880, will soon support Standard Power operation in the 6GHz spectrum for companies producing Wi-Fi devices,” said Alan Hsu, corporate vice president of Connectivity at MediaTek.

    About the test:

    MediaTek and Federated Wireless successfully completed AFC Device-to-AFC System interoperability testing. It consisted of a comprehensive set of positive and negative tests drawn from the Wi-Fi Alliance (WFA) AFC System certification specification.  The positive tests included verifying the proper AFC calculation and response of spectrum availability at several locations. The negative tests included verifying proper AFC System error handling. In addition, all tests employed security measures that went above and beyond those specified by the WFA’s Standard Device Interface (WFA SDI) requirement documentation. It ensured the highest degree of privacy and data security across all AFC System communications.

    “We are proud to partner with MediaTek to perform these critical interoperability tests,” said Kurt Schaubach, CTO at Federated Wireless. “Federated Wireless prides itself on being a premier collaborator with our partners and customers interested in spectrum sharing solutions.”

    Its completion removes the final roadblock for customers to start utilizing Federated Wireless’ AFC system. This milestone enables customers to begin launching standard power indoor and outdoor device operations through an AFC system.

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