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    Matrix launches multispectral fingerprint readers designed specifically for high-security and industrial applications

    Matrix, aleading manufacturer of Physical Security and Telecom solutions has announced the launch ofits cutting edge Multispectral Fingerprint Door Controller – COSEC DOOR FMX, expanding its Access Control and Time-Attendance portfolio to address high-security and industrial needs of modern enterprises.

    matCOSEC DOOR FMX multispectral technology reads the surface and the subsurface of a live fingerprint andderives very clear and strong image even when the surface layer is damaged due to continuous physical work, dirt, dry-skin, oil,ink, chemicals or such other environmentalreasons. DOOR FMX’s unique multispectral identification process outperformscommercial fingerprint sensors and offersrobust and predictable biometric identification.

    “Compared to the traditional biometric readers scanning only single skin layer, multispectral technology employs multi-layered reading. COSEC DOOR FMX offers significantly better False Acceptance Ratio (FAR) and False Rejection Ration (FRR) making it ideal for both – high-security and harsh industrial applications. COSEC DOOR FMX is specifically designed for organizations which cannot afford compromising security due to wrong user identification” saidGanesh Jivani, CEO, Matrix.

    Due to its unique fingerprint reading and matching algorithms, COSEC DOOR FMX can work in extreme harsh environment:

    Condition Usage Area Industry
    Dry Deserts Construction, Manufacturing
    Wet or Oily Humid, Rainy Gym, Chemicals, Manufacturing
    Dirty Dusty Regions, Outdoor Application Manufacturing, Mines, Transportation
    Bright Light Outdoor Applications Construction
    Variable Pressure Children and Aged Users Education, Club, Health Care

    When used with COSEC CENTRA application, DOOR FMX can work various applications such as Access Control, Time-Attendance, Visitor Management, Cafeteria Management, Contract Workers Management, Job Processing and Costing, Vehicle Access Management and others.

    maAward Winning Design: DOOR FMX is a well-engineered product with 4.2″ touch screen display and multiple connectivity options in a compact design. This makes it ideal for any Time-Attendance and Access Control applications.

    Higher Capacity:Based on powerful processor, DOOR FMX supports 50,000 users and 500,000 events storage in its memory, making it ideal even for large organizations with heavy and continuous flow of people.

    Versatile Readers: COSEC DOOR FMX supports three types of credentials – Fingerprint, RFID Card (EM Prox, HID iCLASS, Mifare and HID PROX) and PIN. One or more of these credentials can be used together in any combination.

    Wireless and Wired Connectivity: COSEC DOOR FMX offers multiple wired and wireless options to connect with the central COSEC CENTRA server in real-time using Ethernet, Wi-Fi, 3G/4G and RS485. Builtin PoE eliminates the need for local power supply and separate backup.

    Ease of Use:With TFT LCD and intuitive user interface, DOOR FMX supports all time-attendance, access control and enrollment functions.It is simple to install and operate with multiple connectivity options and wall mounting.

    Control Interfaces: COSEC DOOR FMXoffers built-in door relay, door status, exit switch and exit reader ports for access control applications. Auxiliary input-output ports are used to interface with and control third party equipment such as fire alarm, video surveillance, etc.

    For further information, please contact:

    +91 9374474302

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