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    Matrix Launches its Bluetooth based Access Control Feature

    Matrix has established itself as a leader in designing and producing enterprise grade Telecom and Security products and solutions. We constantly keep up to date with the upcoming technology changes and adapt the same to our products and solutions. Today, mobile phones have become a lifeline for entrepreneurs. They have more or less integrated as an essential element in their day-to-day life. Mobile phones are not only used for swift communication, it is tremendously used for payment of bills, e-commerce shopping, health monitoring, GPS navigation, so on and so forth.

    A similar progressive trend is observed with access control, which initiated with RFID Cards, then expanded with biometrics and now it is being enhanced with advanced mobile credentials like Bluetooth.

    Matrix “Your Mobile is Your Identity” offers Bluetooth technology based identification of users. This technology allows users to open doors by simply pairing their mobile’s Bluetooth with the inherent Bluetooth of the door controller. The users will be required to pair their device only once after which, they will be able to gain access by merely twisting their mobile phones in the vicinity of the entry/exit point.

    The key features of Bluetooth based Access Control technology are as mentioned below:

    • Twist Mobile to Identify
    • Mobile as User Credential
    • Contactless Identification
    • Process Multiple User Simultaneously
    • Eliminate RF Cards
    • Encrypted Communication

    This Bluetooth based technology can surely prove beneficial for organizations. The major benefits of this technology are as listed below:

    • Mobile Gesture based Identification
    • Secured Communication between Mobile and Server
    • Ease of Mobility
    • Quick Contactless Access
    • No More Queues and Congestions
    • Elimination of Hygiene Related Issues

    For more information, visit:

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