Matrix Frontier: Maiden Conference to Experience Telecom Solutions that Nurture Business Growth

Technology has two ends with users at one and enablers at the other. For enablers, who are in this fast-changing technology scenario, the only way to grow is to stay updated. With an objective of bridging innovations and business, Matrix has organized its first technology conference titled “Matrix Frontier” – a business catalyst event to experience new technology solutions in Telecom and Security domains. The technology conference is organized on 23rd November’17 at the Shangri-La Hotel Dubai. Matrix is conducting the conference in association with its esteemed regional partner ACIX Middle East LLC.

Innovative technology being the event theme, Matrix will unveil a series of latest solutions during the conference. Pioneer in Telecom domain, Matrix will launch carrier-grade enterprise communication solution named “PRASAR UCS – Unified Communication Server for Modern Enterprises”. The solution will address numerous challenges of businesses with offerings such as Mobilized Employee Communication, Single Number Reach with Multiple Devices, Eased Scalability, Protection from Recurring Exorbitant Licensing and Support Cost and Seamless Integration with different applications.

In the event, we will showcase futuristic technologies from the Security domain. Matrix Access Control and Time-Attendance domain will showcase its newly launched Face Recognition technology for authentication through mobile. The technology enables contactless authentication with precise and accurate authentication. Apart from this, we will display our high-end cloud-based Time-Attendance and Access Control solution. Mobile being the next generation technology in the security domain, we will showcase Mobile based Access Control solution whereby a user can either scan QR code or just twist his/her phone for authentication. Thus, Matrix being the front face in innovation, we are going to show some extraordinary Biometric Door Controllers useful for applications in Time-Attendance, Access Control, Visitor Management, Cafeteria Management and many more.

Matrix Video Surveillance domain is going to exhibit its Video Management solution SATATYA SAMAS which can address threats in a logical sequential manner through its unique features like CREAM (Cognitive Responsive Engine with Automated Monitoring). CREAM eliminates false alerts by doing multi-stage verification, in which one analytic trigger another, and the event is analyzed through a string of analytics. One event is considered as one stage and 255 such stages can be analyzed in a string. Being aware of the need for automation in medium, large and multi-location enterprises, we will demonstrate how SATATYA SAMAS can seamlessly automate the parallel working of various systems integrated into an organization. Alongside, we are going to present the recently launched new range of Network Video Recorders that are equipped with characteristics like Cascading, Camera-wise Recording Retention, Database Level Integration and plenty of other distinct features. In addition to this, we will also showcase the new range of IP cameras which arm SONY STARVIS series sensors with EXMOR technology. This technology has an edge over other Cameras in terms of exceptional low light performance, a consistent image in varying light conditions (True WDR), better bandwidth optimization and many other features.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           “The technology conference is a flagship event Matrix where the attendees will get an opportunity to have a brief overview of our tech-innovative Telecom and Security solutions. We are counting on this event as a golden opportunity to strengthen our network by collaborating with the resellers and system integrators”, said Ganesh Jivani, Managing Director.

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